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CrowdSurf, based in central Scotland, provides high-speed internet services for festival and event production staff, vendors, and other operational needs. We offer customized infrastructure deployment, including point of service connections, based on your specific requirements. Our multipoint network technology ensures optimal coverage and performance, ensuring your point of sale systems, inventory management, and other operational systems stay connected. We also provide dedicated technicians on-site to quickly address any issues that may arise. Trust CrowdSurf for dependable and efficient internet service during your event


CrowdSurf is proud to integrate Starlink into our suite of internet services. Starlink's cutting-edge satellite technology allows us to provide high-speed internet to even the most remote festival and event locations, ensuring that our clients have access to reliable, seamless connectivity no matter where they are. With our customized infrastructure deployment and multipoint network technology, we can ensure optimal coverage and performance for all of our clients. Trust CrowdSurf to deliver dependable and efficient internet service, powered by Starlink.

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  • Reliable, high-speed internet for festival production staff and vendors, ensuring seamless communication and coordination

  • Customized infrastructure deployment based on specific requirements, including point of service connections for food and drink vendors

  • Multipoint network technology to ensure optimal coverage and performance

  • Dedicated technicians on-site to quickly address any issues that may arise


Efficient and reliable transactions are crucial to the success of any event. CrowdSurf offers point-of-sale connectivity to ensure that your vendors can process payments and transactions quickly and seamlessly. Our internet solutions are designed to make payment processing simple, so you can focus on providing a great experience for your guests.

Point of Service ConnectionsAt CrowdSurf, we understand the importance of reliable and fast point-of-service (POS) connections. We offer customized WiFi infrastructure solutions tailored to the needs of festivals, corporate events, and film and TV productions. Our WiFi connections are designed to provide fast and secure access to POS systems, enabling efficient payment processing and excellent customer service.

Our multipoint network technology ensures that all POS terminals have access to high-speed internet, no matter where they are located. This technology also allows us to quickly identify and address any connection issues that may arise. Our dedicated technicians are on-site to ensure that your POS connections are up and running smoothly at all times.

With CrowdSurf's POS connections, you can rely on fast and secure internet access for your payment processing needs. Contact us to learn more about our customized WiFi infrastructure solutions.


For film and TV production, CrowdSurf offers high-speed internet and streaming services, including support for QTake streaming. Our customized infrastructure deployment ensures optimal coverage and performance, allowing for seamless communication and coordination between production staff and crew on set. Our high-speed streaming services enable real-time monitoring and playback, ensuring that your team can review footage as needed. Trust CrowdSurf to provide dependable and efficient internet service during your production.


H.264 Streaming for Youtube and Twitch

Teradek Core integration and dedicated support for your live video streaming needs. Our technical expertise ensures high-speed and low-latency video streaming, while our dedicated support includes troubleshooting and real-time monitoring to ensure a successful stream. Whether you're streaming a music festival or corporate event, CrowdSurf has the expertise to provide you with reliable and high-quality video streaming through Teradek Core.

VoIP Communication

CrowdSurf offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services designed specifically for events

  • Our solutions enable quick and efficient communication between your team members, no matter where you are on-site

  • With clear audio and high-speed data transfer, our VoIP phone solutions ensure you stay connected at all times.

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