Blink 182’s ‘Quarantine’ – everything you need to know:


So when it comes to new releases, we get very excited, and this bomb shell dropped by Blink 182 really did make another day living through a pandemic slightly more bearable.

As well as the band releasing a special track appropriately named ‘Quarantine’, the song drop was also accompanied by special edition merchandise, and when we saw what was on offer; we really did get excited.

Luckily, for us Brits anyway, the band also have a UK/EU store, so this line is accessible without having to pay the crazy shipping fees, so even better!

But, before we go into the merch on offer, here’s what happened during the lead up to the track surfacing..

‘100 likes and we drop this song tomorrow. #quarantine’. 

I think it goes without saying that the Blink fans completed this task in less than 30 seconds, and we were all looking forward to hearing some new material; the first since their most recent full length LP ‘Nine’ back in 2019.

Speaking of the track, you can listen to it below:

And now onto the special edition merchandise!

Screenshot 2020-08-08 at 00.28.03

A very vibrant brand identity has been established, and we absolutely LOVE the approach the band has taken with all of the above items. As you can see, the band have released another version of a face mask to accompany those which were released earlier in the year in response to COVID-19. UK people, you can snag your own HERE, and anyone outside of the UK will be able to access the merchandise HERE.


Do you dig the new track?! If you do, let us know in the comments! 

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