Knuckle Puck release new track, as well as launch pre orders for their upcoming LP ’20/20′

The upcoming ’20/20′ now has a release date of September 18th, and two different vinyl variants are now available to preorder.


Good news seems to have been few and far between in the music industry lately, however Knuckle Puck released a belter of a new track today, and it features Mayday Parade’s Derek Sanders!

‘Breathe’ is the third track from the upcoming LP (assuming Tune You Out is on the track list) and you can listen to all of the tracks so far below over on Spotify:

As well as the new track, we also had confirmation that 20/20 does in fact now have a release date! September 18th is the date to look forward to, but in the mean time you can pre-order to try combat some of the excitement! Two limited vinyl variants are available to preorder over on the bands online store, the first colour way being ‘Bone /1200’ and the second ‘Purple in Clear /500’. There are also limited pieces of merchandise based on the new track ‘Breathe’, and they are only going to be available until July; so don’t sleep on getting your order in!

Are you digging the new track? Let us know in the comments!

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