REVIEW // Pigsx7 Album ‘Viscerals’

By: Amy Hughes

RATING: 8.5/10
TOP TRACK: New Body/Crazy In Blood

The day April 3rd marks the release of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs’ (shortened to Pigsx7 from now on) album ‘Viscerals’. Based on the two singles, Reducer, and Rubbernecker alone, this is one hell of an album.
The album kicks off with Reducer, the first single, and immediately drops the listener into a fast paced, high-energy song. As with a large majority of the album, it has an extremely catchy rhythm, and sticks in your head. The lyric “ego kills everything” is said in a way repeatedly, that seems as though the message is being drilled into your skull. It sticks with you. Rubbernecker is the second single on the album, and is a somewhat unsettling song, especially during the line ““It’s a circus”, said the clown, “I feel nervous”…” the lead guitar only adds to this feeling. Overall it’s in typical Pigsx7 fashion, the slow, prog sound they have finessed over the last few years, and I loved this one.
New Body may well be my favourite song one the album. A song about dancing with the devil. Simple enough. Although, vocalist Matt Baty describes how “you analyse and give me three marks out of five”, so, a rather mediocre dance in the eyes of the devil. The track lasts 7 minutes and is extremely sinister, it builds up a lot of tension, due to the final two minutes or so having the same evil sounding riff on a loop. I really enjoyed this song, it is really able to give the listener this feeling of absolute dread, which is very fitting, given the subject matter of the track.
The interlude track Blood and Butter was very strange. With a pitched down voice telling people to sit down for a meal and “On today’s menu, the head chef is serving you poison made with the cheapest ingredients possible”. How odd. It’s great though, as it doesn’t take you away from the album, it carries on with the unusual tone.
Next up, World Crust. This was very good. It begins with a hard rock guitar riff that I wasn’t expecting, but suits the track well. The bass is absolutely deafening in this one, which I appreciate very much. Again, it is very intense, however, two minutes in, the BPM drops dramatically to this slow, prog section, which isn’t uncommon with Pigsx7. It then immediately picks up where it left off with the high-intensity, with the line “make ends meet”.
Now, the next track, Crazy In Blood, I remember hearing at The Great Escape Festival last year, and the chorus really became an earworm for me, but I wasn’t aware that it was not yet released, so now I am very happy to be able to spin this one. Trust me, listen to this track and I’ll guarantee it’ll be in your head for a while. I find the lyrics interesting in this, it’s definitely sticking with the whole devil, death, and all things creepy imagery the album has already presented, especially with lines such as “there’s blood on the altar” and “death is in bloom”. Lots more fuzz in the final third, really adding to the sheer quality of this album.
Halloween Bolson begins with a really lovely drum section in the opening few seconds, before throwing the listener into yet another high-intensity verse. The slow section it drops into is very enjoyable, with more interesting lyrics such as “bastards, profiting…I’m sick, sold out”. The almost breakdown towards the end, splits up the slow section nicely. I can definitely see this being one I will enjoy live.
The closing track Hell’s Teeth, has some amazing lyrics, including my personal favourite on the whole album “What’s your star sign? Libra? That’s mine.”. Almost a small bit of humour in this dark and menacing album, yet it works quite well. There are small breaks in the main rhythm to insert a short riff, before dropping you straight back into the chaos. Yet again, the bass and drums are absolutely deafening, and really stand out brilliantly. A perfect closing track.
Overall, this album surpasses all expectations, the sheer amount of dark imagery littered throughout the record, fused with the hypnotic riffs and earsplitting bass, makes this a high quality album. Absolutely a contender for one of my top albums of 2020. I cannot wait for their tour later this year going into 2021. Pigsx7 really performed with this record, and I absolutely cannot wait to see where they go from here.
Pigsx7 are on tour in the UK later this year:

Fast paced high energy, great opener, catchy riffs, slow chuggy prog ending – “EGO KILLS EVERYTHING”- Reducer, 1ST SINGLE
A lot of the slow proggy stuff we’re used to, typical pigs style echoey distant vocals. Lots of fuzz. “It’s a circus said the clown, i feel nervous” “it must be lonely living like you” Rubbernecker, 2ND SINGLE
About dancing with the devil, positive description of him. Slow, almost sinister tone. “HE TELLS ME IT’S NONSENSE, HE TELLS ME I’M POSSESSED”. I DON’T FEEL A THING – feels helpless, desperate. Booming drums and bass take over. Goes on for what seems like forever (7MINS) but in a good way, almost makes you feel tense because it sounds so evil, same riff on a loop for the final 2 mins – New Body POSSIBLE BEST TRACK??
Interlude track. “ON TODAY’S MENU THE HEAD CHEF IS SERVING YOU POISON MADE WITH THE CHEAPEST INGREDIENTS POSSIBLE”. About sitting down for a weird meal, pitched down vocals, intense white noise that is almost deafening. – Blood and Butter
Hard rock riff opener, vocals seem more prominent in this. Again, absolutely deafening bass, lovely bassline. Suddenly BPM drops to their usual extremely slow prog, then picks right back up with a sickening mini-guitar solo. “I HATE MY TASTE I FEEL SO UNCLEAN…MAKE ENDS MEET” – World Crust
Heard this live at Great Escape last year. The bassline was stuck in my head for months after. “THERE’S BLOOD ON THE ALTAR” “DEATH IS IN BLOOM” Ridiculously catchy chorus, incredible track. Lots more fuzz in the final third. Amazing. – Crazy In Blood
Lovely drums in the opening few seconds. High-intensity. Does the classic, fast-paced to slow chug. “BASTARDS, PROFITING…I’M SICK, SOLD OUT” Very unique, can see this being a good song live. Almost a breakdown of sorts, nice split between the slow chug- Halloween Bolson
Seamless transition from the prior song. “I BELIEVE IN EVERY PIECE OF YOU” “WHAT’S YOUR STAR SIGN? LIBRA? THAT’S MINE” love the small breaks in the main rhythm to add a little riff, then drops straight back into the chaos.Yet another stunning bassline- Hell’s Teeth

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