In the midst of a pandemic, here are our top ten things to happen over the last few weeks


You can’t avoid it.. COVID-19. Having that in mind, the world as we know it has almost grinned to a halt; and the music industry is definitely feeling the force of it all. Putting all that aside, we wanted to share with you ten things that have happened over the last few weeks, which have restored our faith in society. Let us know in the comments something cool that we may have missed!

  1. Man Overboard are back 


We can’t deny it, when we found out that Man Overboard had a new track out, we could have screamed with excitement. It doesn’t seem like the band announcing hiatus was back in 2016; we remember it like it was yesterday.

‘Lifeline’ is out now, and you can name your own price over on Man Overboard’s website. You can also listen below if you haven’t already:

2. Bands such as The Story So Far and Twenty One Pilots are using their platforms to raise funds for very good causes.

Bands are going to feel this pandemic VERY hard, and despite this, many are doing their part to help support those who are less fortunate during this very difficult time.

We wanted to highlight The Story so Far and Twenty One Pilots for their efforts, because we felt that their causes were rather significant, and also so selfless of the bands to go out on such a limb to help others.

First, The Story So Far’s ‘Merch for Meals’ campaign:

“We are not one of the many bands / artists directly affected by the COVID-19 out-break at this time. Because of that, we have decided to start a Merch for Meals Program to help feed frontline workers during this pandemic.

From April 8th – April 15th we will be donating meals based on what people have purchased through our Online Store:

T-Shirt, Hat, or Long Sleeve = 1 Meal
Hoodie, or Jacket = 2 Meals

We hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Thank you for helping us make a difference during this difficult time’. 

You can visit the band’s site to grab some merchandise, and also support such an amazing cause at the same time.


Now, we have posted about Twenty One Pilot’s efforts, however just to go over it for you guys who missed the post:

With concerts on pause at the moment, crew members who are the backbone of live music are out of work. that’s why we’re dedicating a portion of proceeds from this song to live nation‘s crew nation’. 

And to support TOP’s efforts, you can check out their merchandise site also.


3. Homesafe have released an acoustic EP titled ‘What’s Mine is Yours’.


Our regulars should know how much we LOVE Homesafe, and when we found out a new EP was on the horizon, we were delighted!

You can have a listen to the new acoustic EP below:

4. Blink 182 released a music video collated of fans sending in their ‘Stay at Home’ clips 


Talk about making the most of a bad situation right? We absolutely LOVE how Blink decided to go about making this video, all while having the #STAYATHOME movement at the front of it.

5. Bands are thinking about the future, and are starting to release re-scheduled dates for already postponed shows.


You may have read our post regarding The Wonder Years releasing some re-scheduled dates, and we are thrilled that bands are starting to think about the future; and keeping the fans happy at the same time.

6. Bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and You Me at Six have donated gear to raffle off and raise money for the NHS.


What a brilliant cause right?! We cannot believe the generosity of every single artist who is a part of this fundraiser, and it just goes to show how amazing the music industry really is. You can check out the raffles over on the NHS FEST RAFFLE site, but please note the raffles are currently paused due to phenomenal demand.

7. Enter Shikari released a new track titled ‘The Great Unknown’


Shikari’s new album is just around the corner! ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible‘ is set for release on April 17th (two days!) and so far we have had a taste of tour of the tracks. The most recent sample we were blessed with was ‘The Great Unknown’, and you can listen to that (as well as the three other released tracks) below:

8. Crossfaith announce new album, its release date AND a song from the track list


‘SPECIES’ will be released May 22nd of this year, and the first taste of the album we have is ‘Digital Parasite’, which you can check out below:

9. Letlive. have released some ‘Fake History’ demos in light of its ten year anniversary 


2007-2009. Whenever I think about those years I smile and I’m overcome with this sense of inimitable nostalgia,”

“We learned a lot about freedom during that era. We worked multiple shit jobs and/or hustled in ways that some may consider questionable just to buy equipment. We found the most nefarious of establishments to call our studio. We quite literally risked our health and lives in mobile death traps we called ‘tour vans’. I mean one of our vans literally had a hole in the floor during winter touring through America, it was completely metal inside with no lining, and my best friend and I agreed to share the back floor where the doors didn’t lock properly and would randomly open on drives in the highway. Thats how bad we wanted it and I truly believe it showed.

In these demos all we wanted to do was create something different. Different than the primary music we listened to or the ‘scene’ we would be considered in, different than that around us, different than what each other wanted at times even. That’s what made these demo years so special. We allowed ourselves and each other an opportunity to be free as creatives ANDas people. Our effort toward being so different was ironic at one of the biggest hurdles we faced when trying to grow the band due to its aberrance and our lack of breakdowns and swoopy bangs. But in the end it is what made ll. so special to us and to those that became bold enough to say they liked it. The ones brave enough to come to the shows and let go with us. The ones with the courage to be different within an already sub cultural arena. Those ll.ifers. That ll.ove.

Thanks to this double edged sword that was letlive. we had some of the greatest experiences of our young lives, we had some of the absomite worst, we met some of our best friends, and we lost a lot of people due to our relentless schedule and lack of holistic view on our own mental health and after all of it, I genuinely believe we wouldn’t take anything back. The most important lesson I think we learned was that sometimes, maybe not always, but sometimes- you really just need to believe in yourself and say ‘fuck it’ even if nobody else does; stay the path no matter how uncommonly winding and you will succeed. In the end, that success looked a lot different than what we originally sought after or thought we wanted and I, personally, realized that ‘success’ had manifested itself in the journey. That’s where we were most successful. How much we put into getting to the end rather than what was waiting for us when the band finally culminated.

I think I speak for us all when I say we had no idea where these demos would bring us and that’s the most beautiful part about it. That aforementioned freedom and uncertainty- it brought us to you.”

Words from Jason Butler which accompanied the postage regarding the demos, and you can listen to them below:

10 Years Of Fake History by letlive.

10. Green Day’s ‘No Fun Monday’ Saga


For the past few weeks, every Monday, Green Day have been posting a new cover to their YouTube channel. They announce each one via their mailing list and have had a pretty amazing variety so far. The most recent being ‘Corpus Christi’ originally written and performed by The Avengers.

They released this edition with the caption:

Welcome to another No Fun Mondays, but on a Sunday (Easter Edition). This is one of my all time favourite songs by the legendary San Fransisco band The Avengers.. I give you “Corpus Christi”.


There are quite a lot of amazing things happening right?! 

And please do your best to stay safe, and stay at home. Once this blows over, we can get back to our thing, and we hope and pray all of our followers are fit and well. 

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