NEWS / My Chemical Romance announce UK date!

At long last, after many cryptic tweets, images and videos, we have finally been given a UK tour date!

My Chemical Romance posted a video for all of their socials at the start of witching our. In the video a group of skull-faced individuals travel through the woods with various witch and cult themed imagery running through it. Music and vocals also accompany the video however the audio can’t quite be made out at this time.

Well be sure to update you when someone deciphers it.

See the tweet below:

And catch the final screen here:

As you can see, they have announced a show at:

Milton Keynes Stadium on the 20th June 2020.

Ticket information is yet to be released however you better be prepared for prices of around the £100 mark if the other worldwide dates are anything to go off.

Who’s excited? I know I am!

Let us know what you’re thinking of it all, do you think it’s a one of show or is there a tour to come?

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