Next up, ROZU!

Where are you from/based?

We are from Denver Colorado, in the USA

Where does your band’s name come from?

Rozu is the Japanese word for Rose. This band is made up of the leaders of other local Denver bands and we like to think this project is like a blooming rose and our guitarist DJ hit us with the name Rozu.

Who are your musical influences and why?

Underoath, Wage War, and Like Moths To Flames are some major influences on this band. It is simple as to why with Underoath, because they are legends who helped truly define a genre. As with Wage and Like Moths they just write extremely great music and have helped us as individuals to really push our musical boundaries.

How did you meet/become a band, is there an interesting backstory?

Basically the project started with me (Tim) and guitarist DJ writing music after the breakup of our previous project. From there we just wanted like-minded people like ourselves who were the ones pushing their previous bands to do great things. Henry and Brian were those two dudes that have the drive and understand the business of what we need to do as a band.

If you had to pick one song to represent your band what would it be?

I think at this point Anchor is our biggest song and really represents the diversity and melody we have while being quite a heavy band.

What are your favourite lyrics of all time and why? This could be your own or another bands’

“I’m just a stick figure illustration, my eyes roll back and focus on what’s ahead, move on” by Underoath. Taken from Casting Such a Thin Shadow off their album Define The Great Line. That album really did get me personally through some shit and helped shape me as the musician I am today. I owe a lot to that album and that song specifically. 

What was the first and/or best concert you have been to? Did that experience impact you musically or personally and if so, how?

Yep best show I’ve ever been to was Taste of Chaos where I saw both Underoath and Chiodos live for the first time. I left that show determined to be a vocalist in a band and bring as much if not more passion to the stage as Spencer and Craig.

Finally, what sets your band apart from all of the others out there?

I think truly it is our work ethic and our mindset of how high we set the standards for ourselves. Other bands out there would not write a total of 3 albums for their debut album release, but we did. We scrapped 2 albums worth of songs because we knew we could do better, and we want to be the best musicians we could possibly be. I think that amount of time put in and the dedication to ourselves as musicians is what sets us apart.

Their newest single ‘Fading’ came out Dec. 13th so give it a listen HERE and check out the bands’ socials HERE.


Written by Ely King

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