NEWS / BROKEN LINES release new charity single ‘Christmas Crime’

Broken Lines have just released a new christmas single titled ‘ Christmas Crime’ and are donating all proceeds to Shelter Cymru.

See what they said below;

Winter can be a very lonely and miserable time of year, especially if you’re homeless. Yet we live in a world where there is plenty of money and space for everyone. We are all ‘guilty’ of overspending at Christmas, wanting to be generous to our friends and relatives, but what about those with no shelter, no home, no family…?

The greatest gifts humanity has is to be able to communicate, help and love each other and yet we seem to find it the most difficult thing to do! Surely this is what Christmas is about? 

We (Broken Lines) challenged ourselves to write a Christmas song, in a week, with the intention of doing something positive for our community and here it is… Christmas Crime by Broken Lines

Please don’t sit back and ignore it, get up and make a difference. It could be you one day!

Merry Christmas… Broken Lines x

I think this is a pretty amazing thing for them to do!
Check out the song on their bandcamp HERE and let us know what you think!: 

They have also set up a JustGiving page HERE.  

Written by Ely King

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