Recently we have had a lot of interest in feating more up and coming artists, and instead of just linking youtube or facebook pages, we have decided to run template interviews to all interested artists so that not only can they spread their music but also their message and let potential fans get to know them too.
I, personally, wanted to create our artist introduction posts this way, as I love to learn about artists and where they have come from, as it helps me connect to the music more, no matter if they’re a bigger or smaller artist, so I hope that you all enjoy these new posts too!

First up, CRYPITUS

Crypitus consists of:
Doug Friend, Joe Minard, Peter Snee & Zach Patch


Where are you from/based?
Mendon Vermont

Where does your band’s name come from?
Zach: Doug came up with the name after a suggestion from one of his teachers. It’s a twist on the Latin word for the sound of breaking bones.

Pete: It’s Latin for the sound bones make when they pop or break. Doug had the name from a previous iteration of the band.

Joe: It’s the sound of breaking bones.

Doug: I was learning about pulling traction on broken limbs in my wilderness first aid class and my teacher exclaims to me, do you know would a sick metal band name would be?! Crypitus is the sound of breaking bones I was sold immediately. 

Who are your musical influences and why?
Zach: My musical influences include Blake Richardson from Between the Buried and Me, Mike Portnoy, and Terry Bozzio.

Pete: I’m a big Frank Zappa fan. He experimented and always tried to break out of genres throughout his career. I also like Intervals for their groovy instrumental feels and Between the Buried and Me because I don’t get bored listening to their music.

Joe: Metallica, Primus, and System of a Down are some of my influences because I learned how to play music from their songs.

Doug: Some of my influences are Voivod, Megadeth, Death and Dissection. To me these bands always had the originality that a lot of bands lack. 

How did you meet/become a band, is there an interesting backstory?
Zach: Doug and Pete were already jamming together. I was searching the internet for someone to jam with and Pete was the guy that responded first. We found Joe a while later through suggestion of a friend.

Pete: Doug and I were roommates who jammed together and we decided to find a drummer. Zach was a friend of a friend on Facebook and was looking for people to jam with.

Joe: My friend introduced me when they were in need of a bassist.

Doug: I had initially started the project with an old drummer in 2015 but he moved away and we never got too far with anything. In 2016 I found myself living with Pete and he and I had decided we wanted to get a drummer involved and get a band going. We met Zach via social media and Crypitus was reborn. 

If you had to pick one song to represent your band what would it be?
Zach: Probably “Danger.” It really captures the range of our unique sound.

Pete: I’d agree with Zach on “Danger” because it’s pretty epitomical of our sound.

Joe: Out of Line is pretty cool.

Doug: “Danger” for sure, it thrashes, it grooves, it shines it definitely genuine Crypitus. 

What are your favourite lyrics of all time and why? This could be your own or another bands’
Zach: I really prefer music without lyrics.

Pete: “Keeper of the stars, I hope to never find, we are just mortal souls, left to die” – All Bodies by Between the Buried and Me

Doug: “From mountain tops / he looks upon the crowd / mindful among mindless / Unbound” – Cynic

What was the first and/or best concert you have been to? Did that experience impact you musically or personally and if so, how?
Zach: I caught the ten year anniversary tour of Between the Buried and Me’s “Colors” in Philadelphia. The first time I heard that album it changed my life and finally seeing it live after all those years was something I don’t have words to describe.

Pete: Seeing Revocation last month was pretty inspiring. I’m a big fan of The Outer Ones and getting to see them play it live was awesome.

Joe: The first concert I went to was Godsmack and Sevendust when I was 6. Its was a pretty cool experience.

Doug: Of all the concerts I’ve been to I think one of the most special shows I have seen was Anthrax / Testament / Death Angel right after Joey rejoined Anthrax. The energy in the room was amazing and I’ve yet to see a lineup of bands that sends this one running from its money!

Finally, what sets your band apart from all of the others out there?
Zach: We have a really unique sound and energy. You really won’t find another band that sounds just like us. See for yourself.

Pete: We like to mix things up musically. There’s a lot of tempo changes and we jump from genre to genre. We can be playing a thrashy part and to right into a death metal or prog part.

Joe: We have a unique blend of prog and thrash metal that doesn’t sound like most other bands.

Doug: We are passionate about what we do and we strive for originality in this world of cookie cutter bands. 

They have just played their last shows of 2019 but keep an eye out because in 2020 they plan to explore new ground! Watch out Canada!

Check them out on facebook here and let us know what you think!

Written by Ely King