GALLERY / Motionless in White – Leeds Stylus / December 9th 2019


As you will have noticed on our Facebook feed yesterday, Em was covering the Leeds Motionless in White show, and you can see some of the photos that were taken below! Let us know in the comments if you were also at the show!

Defying Decay

Opening up the show was a band Em seems to have taken quite a liking to.

A quote from her regarding Defying Decay just in case you’re wondering?



The second act of the night, and compared to Defying Decay; an acoustic set. Going from the seven Em managed to count in DD (if there are anymore members we send our apologies), to three musicians on stage for Skold, this was a huge contrast both in energy and ‘appealing things to look at’ (just in case you hadn’t guessed it already, Em has a way with words).

*A side note from the night. Em had to leave the main room to have a break from the lights, so there are unfortunately not as many images of Skold playing. But with that being said, Em didn’t let us down when it came to getting on top form for the night’s headliners.

Motionless in White

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