All Time Low’s ‘It’s Still Nothing Personal’ Documentary released and FREE to watch online

“10 years after first releasing ‘Nothing Personal’, we returned to Red Bull Studios in LA to revisit the making of the album,”


Punk Rock favourites All Time Low are not only celebrating a ten year milestone for album ‘Nothing Personal’, but they have done it in the best way possible; remastering the album AND releasing a documentary that is FREE to watch!


“‘It’s Still Nothing Personal: A Ten Year Tribute’ features all new recordings of the classic album. While we were there, we filmed the entire recording process and checked in with a few familar faces for a documentary about the album.”

You can watch the documentary on Youtube, simply click on the video above and you will be re-directed!

We also mentioned the remastering of the album, and you can listen to the tracks below over on Spotify. It can also be streamed on all popular music platforms.

Exciting times, right?! Let us know in the comments what you think of the documentary.

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