INTERVIEW / Dancing With Dakota

You may have caught our write up on Dancing with Dakota last week, and now to go alongside it; we have an exclusive interview!  Keep scrolling below to see the questions Tony asked the band, and how Vocalist Paul Callanin responded!


1.You are from Glasgow, how is the music scene in the city?

The music scene In Glasgow is at a very high standard with lots of venues across the city offering bands a place to showcase seven nights a week. The metal/rock scene in Glasgow is at a very steady good time as the competition is very high with bands trying to stand out and be different. But overall it’s good as a lot of bands nowadays see the benefit in helping and promoting one another.

2. ‘Voices’ was released at the end of August, and your social media channels have recently shown that the band are recording, can fans expect some more new music soon?

The answer to this is YES 100% we will be releasing one more single/music video this year and then we will be locking ourselves away from live performance to write either a new 4/5 track EP or even our debut album. We will be looking to get this out by the summer of 2020.

3. What would you like to achieve, as a band, in 2020?

Our goals to achieve in 2020 are to have lots of new material released. We look to extend our endorsement deal with “Dragon soop” and gain another few big endorsements with some other companies. We also aim to be considered for some of the UK’s biggest metal/rock festivals such as Download Festival / 2000 Trees / Hard Rock Hell and many more. We will also be looking at playing down south with some big bands and returning the favour with inviting them to Glasgow to play on our sell out shows. And finally if things go to plan we are hoping to tour Asia at the end of 2020 with a tour of the Philippines/Japan or China.

4. If you could go on tour with 2 other UK based bands right now, who would you choose?

I think we are realists and realise you have to crawl before you walk so we could sit here and say “bring me the horizon” and “architects” but we know that day will come but for now we would be honoured to tour with the boys in “Bleed from Within” or the lads in “Thecityisours”” I think we respect these two bands a lot due to their work ethic and we feel although we are not identical to those bands we do take some influence from them in terms of how we present ourselves on stage at our live performances giving high energy shows and getting the crowd to lose their SH**!!! so a tour with any of those lads would be fire !!!

5. Dancing With Dakota have quite a unique sound, if readers haven’t heard of you before, how would you describe it to them?

RUTHLESS !!! A ruthless sound that caters to girls and guys. for the guys we have the Heavy sounding punch your face in sound and then we bring it back with epic melodic choruses for the ladies to sing their hearts out  . “RUTHLESS IS OUR SOUND”

6. What would be your dream venue/festival to play at?

This is easy, we don’t even need to think the answer to that is of course the daddy festival …. “Download Festival” . We have all been going to this festival since we were teenagers seeing some of the biggest bands in the world and for us to get a chance to showcase our music there infront of people just like us would without it sounding too cliche “literally be a dream come true” . I think we could all die happy if we had the honour of playing Download. Hopefully one day we can tell the granweans we were cool at one point in life 🤣

We really appreciate Paul taking the time to participate in our interview, and we cannot WAIT to see what the future holds for these lads. Let us know in the comments if you have checked out their music yet!

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