We are thrilled that Of Mice & Men have new music out.

‘EarthAndSky’ was released through Rise Records at the end of September, and it has went down an absolute treat with the fans. Keep reading to see the track listing, and what Tony thinks of the new music!


Coming off the back of some storming sets at European festivals, including Reading and Leeds, and playing a very special intimate show in Londo, the Californian metalcore quadruplet have just released their sixth album EARTHANDSKY.

The album was initially announced in October 2018, and since then fans have been lucky to receive four songs prior to release of the album. From the first single release, ‘How To Survive’, fans were expecting a heavier album than the bands previous release (Defy, 2018), and that is exactly what they got. There is a lot of aggression and darkness throughout EARTHANDSKY but there is also a lot of emotions, and although this is the sixth offering, there is enough change in style that the band still appear refreshing and new.

Frontman Aaron Pauley said in an interview with Rocksound that “The majority of the songs on this record started out as instrumentals that we then began to refine, then from the instrumentals we had we picked the ones that excited us the most and started putting lyrics and melodies to them”. This is noticeable with the opening track ‘Gravedancer’ which initially has an instrumental feel to it, including an opening riff on a dilruba. The songs lyrics take listeners through patterns of self-destructive behaviour, and a lot of people will be able to relate to some, if not all, of the track.

Track two is actually a different interpretation of the same situation from the opening track, and thus was deliberately placed after it. ‘As We Suffocate’ explores the same self-destructive behaviours, but with some form of control, rather than letting fate decide.

Next is ‘Taste Of Regret’ which was released with a music video a few weeks before the album. Probably one of the most aggressive tracks on the record, the song explores the topic of knowing when its appropriate to speak and when its better to stay silent, and how this can negatively effect people.

The rest of the album includes the other songs that were released previously ‘Mushroom Cloud’ and the title track ‘Earth & Sky’ which are probably the darkest and most experimental (respectively) songs on the album. As you make your way through the tracks, you can hear the emotion the band must have been going through when writing the songs. There is more aggression, more emotions and more darkness to compliment what was heard previously.

The album ends with ‘How To Survive’, which Aaron Pauley has described as “An anthem for those who have the receiving end of unmerited and targeted hatred and abuse” and the chorus makes that obvious. Again, a lot of fans will be able to relate to this song, and it is a very strong finish to a superb offering from the band.

If Of Mice And Men can make their sixth album sound as refreshing as this, then I really hope they can keep it up for the next album and anything else to come after. This is an excellent record and I highly recommend everyone to add it to their collections.

1. Gravedancer
2. As We Suffocate
3. Taste Of Regret
4. Mushroom Cloud
5. Pieces
6. Deceiver/Deceived
7. Earth & Sky
8. The Mountain
9. Meltdown
10. Linger
11. How To Survive

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