Enter Shikari to re-release ‘Common Dreads’ for its 10th anniversary


Most importantly, here is the pre-order link, and don’t sleep on getting your copy, there are only 1500 in total, making it just as sought after as the initial vinyl release back in 2009. Your pre-order consists of the  Glow in the Dark Green w/ Red Splatter with a fold out 12″x24″ insert AND a bonus double A-side 7″ of Tribalism / Thumper, never before pressed on vinyl and only available housed in this special edition of Common Dreads.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 23.11.12.png

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of such an iconic album, the lads in Enter Shikari have brought out a very limited run of vinyl for the fans to pre-order. When it was first pressed in 2009, there were ONLY 1000 copies, and since then it has become a highly sought after piece for collectors.


Speaking about the re-issue, front man Rou Reynolds had this to say:

“Common Dreads has been out of print on vinyl for over a decade, and to be honest we’re fed up with the constant whinging for us to do a repress. So, here it bloody well is,”.

He then went onto say:

“In all seriousness, we’re really happy to be able to revisit this album. It feels quite prescient, looking back on all that’s happened in the world since. We addressed some of the same crucial global problems that increasingly plague us today. People who didn’t understand the lyrics of ‘Take To The Skies’ thought that ‘Common Dreads’ was our first record with political commentary when it was actually just our first with an overt political commentary. We’d love to be able to say that it’s not worth repressing this album because it’s not relevant anymore. But. Sadly…”

The ten year anniversary is set for release on November 15th, and we are assuming shipping will begin not long after this date. And let us know in the comments if you have managed to get your copy!

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