Band Spotlight / Thousand Thoughts / FFO: Linkin Park, Bring Me the Horizon, Avenged Sevenfold, Lower than Atlantis

We just can’t get enough of all of the great bands we are getting sent over, and we would love to share as many of them as possible. That being said, next up for the spotlight is North London based band ‘Thousand Thoughts’, and we have some essential information below so you can check them out. Let us know in the comments what you think of them!


Thousand Thoughts are back with a brand new single and video ‘Saviour’, following their debut EP release in March and ahead of their UK tour supporting label friends ‘Inklings’.

An anthemic track with thrashing choruses, ‘Saviour’ is the voice of a broken generation. Commenting on the evolution of the band, vocalist Ethan Smith says “Saviour was written with the intention of making a ‘This One’s for You’ part two, and there is even a little ‘easter-egg’ that gives it away when you listen hard enough.”

“It’s a cry for help; a plead for empathy.”

“I strongly believe the majority of the world has an extreme dismissal of empathy. We’re all too opinionated and unwilling to listen to anybody else. The amount of nasty behaviour on social media is disgusting; people seem to thrive on being unkind to others – disrespecting skin colour, religion, politics, sexual orientation, music taste… the list never ends. We all use the internet and share posts about being there for others regarding mental health – but it always takes the death of someone famous or young before that happens. This is where I’d say Thousand Thoughts truly begins.”

The track is a beacon of hope for a new generation, a track where the lyrics really shine through and capture. Catchy hooks creating a reactive chorus in a song that flows passion. The creativity of this band is endless and ‘Saviour’ is even more proof to back this up. An anthemic track that will capture an audience in no time.

The band have released a video to accompany the track which can be seen here.

The band can be seen out on the road with label mate Inklings at the end of October, tickets available here:

Ethan Smith – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Jack Botterill – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Matthew Morrell – Bass and Backing Vocals
Adam Field – Drums


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