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We have ANOTHER upcoming band that we want to give a massive shoutout to; and this time round it is Northern beauties ‘A Joker’s Rage‘!. This is part of our ‘Upcoming’ promotion, and we are delighted to be covering such a great band for you all to see and listen to. Also on the note of this, if you are in an upcoming band and are looking for coverage, please do not hesitate to drop us a message.


A Joker’s Rage is a four-piece genre-disrupting rock band from the North of England that fuses heavy riffs with dance grooves and theatrical influences. Imagine a young Spandau Ballet in facepaint playing Metallica’s instruments, writing songs that not only rock the masses but hypnotically induce any stale audience into a frenzied dance party and you’re a bit closer to understanding the message.

Based in York, A Joker’s Rage became a more serious entity three years ago when called upon to open the independent Rockmantic Weekender in Carlisle and have been gaining ground ever since. A buzz built quickly and now A Joker’s Rage frequently headline the same medium sized festivals that they once opened for, drawing a loyal travelling fan base. With gigs alongside The Darkness, The Virgin Marys and The Wildhearts to name a handful under their belt, the band are no strangers to big stages and converting even bigger audiences.

A Joker’s Rage have been compared musically to an unorthodox cocktail of Biffy Clyro, Don Broco, Bring Me The Horizon and even Queen, but it’s impossible to define the group that easily. The band creates from its own impulses and feelings, setting trends rather than following them. The music boils over, the lyrics are passionate and personal and the stage show is intense and theatrical. Making great music is A Joker’s Rage’s ultimate goal, not money and fame; It’s an attitude that can be heard in every track on The Rain Dance. Those looking for new artists that are unique, fearless and compelling need look no further than A Joker’s Rage. With some fantastic new songs and an even better live show, A Joker’s Rage are not only coming to crash the party, they’re here to make it their party, and everyone is invited!

A Joker’s Rage are:

Zakk Taylor – Vocals
Adam Gauton – Guitar / Vocals
Geordie Ginface – Bass / Vocals
Matt Collinge – Drums / Keyboards / Vocals

UPCOMING RELEASE – The band’s FIRST full length album ‘The Rain Dance’.

It has been a long time coming for fans for Northern rock powerhouses A Joker’s Rage, but the news fans have been waiting for is finally here! Their debut album, The Rain Dance, will be released this Autumn, specifically on the 25th of October 2019. The album is available for pre-order right now, along with a limited edition tee bundle, check out the deals by clicking here. The single, Shylock is available at all good outlets, check it out on:
Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, & Google Play.

The Rain Dance is an album that will keep listeners guessing from track-to-track as A Joker’s Rage take them on a full blown musical journey. There are nods to classic rock’s mighty heyday, full blown modern rock anthems, songs that have pop sensibilities and everything in-between. All the while, A Joker’s Rage have managed to create an album that flows brilliantly from start to finish and never once loses the sense of enjoyment and love from those who have assembled it.

The Rain Dance follows on from the band’s two previous EP’s and the 2018 single Ballet To The Masses – A Joker’s Rage’s tribute to one of their heroes, Freddie Mercury. Ballet To The Masses has proved to be such an instant fan favourite that it has found its way onto the full tracklisting for the album, which can be found below, along with the album cover.

The news of the release for The Rain Dance follows on from the huge success of the album’s first full single Shylock, which is currently doing the rounds at UK rock radio. You can check out the fantastic music video for Shylock below:

The Look / Why?

Anyone who sees A Joker’s Rage’s photos will quickly notice the face paint – aka the #GAMEFACE. It’s something that may seem small to some, but those little things can sometimes make a big difference. To lead vocalist Zakk Taylor, guitarist Adam Gauton, bassist Geordie Ginface and drummer / keyboardist Matt Collinge, #GAMEFACE is the mode in which the band choose to escape reality, channel their alter egos and deliver their message.

“It’s our war paint. When the chips are down, life gets tough or you’re simply bored out of your skull, put your #GAMEFACE on and handle it with a stronger attitude”.

Having most recently donned the #GAMEFACE for a show stealing performance in headlining SOS Festival 2019, as well as lighting up the stage at the inaugural Call Of The Wild Festival, A Joker’s Rage have cemented their reputation as one of the UK’s best live unsigned bands. They will be announcing live shows in support of The Rain Dance in the coming weeks – so stay tuned.

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