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Here at Crowdsurf, we love shedding light on upcoming bands who are not only smashing it, but who are also more upcoming compared to some of the bands we usually cover (Blink, Mayday Parade etc). So, we have brought back ‘Band of the Week’; and this week it is Glasgow based Metal band ‘Dancing With Dakota‘!.

Dancing With Dakota are an alternative Metal band from Glasgow, Scotland. Producing memorable songs with melodic structures, ocean deep breakdowns and massive choruses, all orchestrated into powerful and energetic live performances.

Their first release “No Place Like Home” is a 4 track EP which introduced their distinctive sound well and gave admirers of the band a taste of what is to come in the future, as they mature and progress.

This progress was noted in the Single ‘ Will you Be The Silence, Will You Be The Sound’ which showcased a new sound and maturity to the band, proving how expansive their influences and songwriting skills have become.

Their debut release from new material, with an updated line-up was the heavy hitting single “Fires” which has truly returned the band back to the forefront of the Scottish alternative music scene!

Dancing With Dakota are:

Paul Callanin – Vocals
Gustavis Macaulay – Vocals
Chris Jones – Guitar
Chris Blair- Guitar
Tony Strachan – Bass
Ben Taylor – Drums

Have a listen to their most recent track ‘Voices‘ below. Featuring wrestler Davey Blaze, and tackling the subject of mental health issues head on, both in the lyrics for the track and the video itself, Voices is a track full of raw emotion that will resonate with a great many listeners. The song excels equally in its heaviness and at being more melodic, punishing listeners in one moment and soaring in the next.

Voices‘ is available to stream and purchase right now, check it out on:
Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Youtube and Google Play.

Davey Blaze’s presence in the video was something that was very important to Dancing With Dakota, as it offered more depth to the story on multiple levels. The band explain why it was important for them to feature Davey Blaze in the video:

The reasons that David Coyle, ‘Davey Blaze’ was asked to be a part of this production was simple. Not only is he a close friend who we have seen at rock bottom, but someone who has fought their way back to reach the level of success that he has.

Debuting his professional career in 2009, Davey has earned the record of being the youngest wrestler in Scottish history to hold the Triple Crown of Tag Team Championship wrestling and has been seen in the ring with the likes of the legendary Kevin Nash.

But more importantly he’s a man that has lost friends and family to mental health issues and there was a beauty in him agreeing to be a part of this video. Not only is it unbelievably brave for him to do this but there is a positive message to anyone who is struggling.

There is always hope!“.


Let us know in the comments if you’re digging DWD so far!

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