Hella Mega Tour: Information and single reviews!

Huge tour rumours that have been circulating for a couple of weeks were confirmed today when Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer announced a huge international tour together. The ‘Hella Mega Tour’ presented by Harley-Davidson Motorcylces will kick off on June 13th 2020 in Paris and ends August 29th 2020 in Philadelphia. During the time, the bands will be playing 28 shows across 9 countries in Europe and North America, with more dates still to be announced. The bands will be joined by The Interupters on all the North American dates announced so far.

If this news wasn’t big enough, Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer also each revealed a new album and released a new single to coincide with the tour announcement. Green Day’s new album will be called ‘Father Of All…’ and has a release date of February 7th 2020. The band also released the lead single, of the same name, and it is available to stream online now. The single itself may not be what some Green Day fans are expecting. There is a lot of effects on the vocals, which possibly takes away from Billie Joe Armstrong’s talent as a vocalist. However, the song itself has an anthemic feel to it. It is punchy and catchy and I personally think it will grow on most people. The song is short, only 2 and half minutes, which isn’t a bad thing, but it does show the process Green Day went through to write the album, as reports are suggesting the album will be 10 songs over 26 minutes total play time, with Billie Joe quoted saying “I realized I hated long songs”. It won’t come as a surprise to fans that the song contains an underlying political message, as does the rest of the album, with it being described as a reflection of the state of the world. The album is available to preorder now.

Fall Out Boy announced ‘Believers Never Die, Vol.2’ and dropped a new single ‘Dear Future Self (Hands Up)’ featuring Wyclef Jean. The single is an instant hit. If anyone listens to it and isn’t complaining about it being stuck in their head for the rest of the day, then they didn’t listen properly. The song features some melodic vocals from Wyclef Jean, whom Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy has said the whole band have big fans of Fugees and the sound of Wyclef’s voice so were happy to collaborate with him. The whole song is a feel good, party song that fans and casual listeners alike will love. ‘Believers Never Die, Vol.2’ is set for release on November 15th 2019 and can be preordered now.

Finally, Weezer not only revealed a new album and a new single, but they are also the only band of the three to have released an official music video for the new single. Titled ‘The End Of The Game’, the music video shows us a first person perspective of an Alien’s experience at a house party, mostly with a bunch of people dancing along to a band. The song itself includes some guitar riffs that wouldn’t be out of place in some metal songs, but also includes the “typical” Weezer sound that fans love. Frontman Rivers Cuomo has said that the “last album didn’t have any guitars, this one is just all guitars” so that could be a sign that the style of riffs heard on this track will be prevalent throughout the album. Rivers also said the new album sounds like “The Blue Album but with more riffs. Metal, hard rock riffs.Bit it’s still pretty catchy pop-rock”. It may be a bit of a surprise to some that Weezer have new music as they’ve released two albums this year already, but the new album ‘Van Weezer’ is currently scheduled to drop on May 15th 2020, though it has been reported it could be sooner if everything goes well. Preorders are available now.

Tickets for Hella Mega Tour go on sale September 20th 2019 at 10am local time.

Written by Tony McNab

Edited by Ely King

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