The Bottom Line drop new video for ‘Over And Over’

Just before heading out on a UK and European tour where they will be opening for Zebrahead, The Bottom Line have released a video for their track ‘Over And Over’. The song itself is about breaking away from the usual routine, and experiencing what else life has to offer. The video matches this by staying simplistic and not having too much going on in each frame, mostly focusing on one item or person. Bassist Max Ellis has said “Over & Over is an acceptance of the norm and an expression of the desire to break out of it. Every item used [in the video] is stuck in an infinite loop, a simpler loop than a lot of our lives, but when we strip everything back how different is it really?”. These items include a spinning globe, an electric fan and a record player, amongst others.

A repetitive track with all the usual catchy pop-punk elements you would expect from the band, ‘Over and Over’ is a perfect example of the sound from the album ‘NoVacation’. The melodic chorus and catchy guitar riffs are going to make this song one of the more popular ones at live shows, and you can expect the entire room to be jumping up and down and singing along.

Watch the video and let us know what you think!

The tour kicks off on September 2nd in Hungary and comes to the UK at the end of the month. Let us know if you’re going to any of the dates!

Written by Tony McNab

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