Blink-182 drop new single ‘Darkside’

Blink-182 have dropped the video for their latest single ‘Darkside’. Contrary to the name of the song and the lyrical content, the video matches the sound of song, with an upbeat vibe that will be great for summertime. The video features the band playing their instruments and singing in different parts of a school, whilst the school children dance along, using dance moves from popular video game ‘Fortnite’. Everyone in the video is wearing what appears to be a school uniform of sorts – a red polo top with black trousers.

When Blink-182 dropped the video on social media, they captioned it “Here’s a video for Darkside with a bunch of kids doing dances we don’t know”, and it seems to have split fans down the middle. Judging by comments on social media, a lot of fans are less than impressed with the content of the video, as it doesn’t relate to the lyrics of the song, nor does it initially appear as a video that would be commonly associated with the band blink-182. If you look deeper, it’s possible that this reaction, and the content of the video is actually very much blink-182. Mark Hoppus (bassist) regularly posts jokes and puns via his social media channels, and plays up to the whole “dad on the internet” stereotype. It is quite possible that with director Andrew Sandler, that the idea was formed to make the music video one big ironic meme, with the intent to make people who only see it on the surface thinks its a “bad” video. Whilst none of this has been confirmed, if a band was to use this concept, then the band would be Blink-182.

‘Darkside’ is catchy and has a stereotypically pop punk sound (simple structure, easy to remember lyrics, catchy riffs). The lyrics are seemingly about unrequited love, and when put with the three other singles the band have released, gives fans a good insight and expectation to what ‘Nine’ will be like. ‘Nine’ is due for release on 20th September 2019.

Written by Tony McNab

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