Black Futures ‘Never Not Nothing’ Album Review

Black Futures have just dropped their debut album ‘Never Not Nothing’ an album our editor Ely has been anticipating for months, having been part of the Black Futures Existential Expedition Club since their explosive tour with Frank Carter in February. Just as she fell in love with them then, I’m sure you’ll all fall down the rabbit hole too with this album.

Self described as “A no-holds-barred aural assault of Anarchic Electro Psych Punk Noise that is something like Death From Above and the Chemical Brothers’ bastard offspring” and also referred to as ‘Future-Punk’, Black Futures won’t appeal to everyone. However, if you like bands that push limits and cross genres, then their debut album is worth a listen.

Lyrically, ‘Never Not Nothing’ makes some political statements. It opens up with the musically atmospheric N.N.N, which works not only as an introduction to the album as a whole, but also leads nicely in to ‘Love’, which features the line “10 minutes til the end of the world”, repeated in what seems like a radio broadcast. The song also features some lyrics from hip-hop artist P.O.S, which just adds more aggression to the band’s anarchic sound.

The next track ‘Karma, Ya Dig?’ goes to show Black Futures can keep high energy levels even with slower tracks that have more depth to the lyrics. Most people upon hearing this track will struggle to stop themselves nodding along to the drum beat and singing the chorus.

The album continues in much the same way. Chaotic musical riffs, mixed with strong yet simple, repeating, and politically related lyrics, make this album extremely catchy. The only way I can describe the band would be imagine Frank Carter’s vocals, with Enter Shikari electronics and then throw some guitars and drums on top.

The album comes to a close with two very strong tracks. ‘Trance’ combines the electronic music and punk vocals with some industrial metal sounding drums. This is the song I’ve had stuck in my head the most since listening to the album, and have found my self singing the chorus whilst walking around my house and the local supermarket.

‘Power Drunk’ brings the album to a close with an anthemic sounding politically charged song about the future of the general public based on the current political climate a lot of countries seemingly find themselves in at the moment.

Overall, the album is exactly what you would expect from Black Futures, if you were aware of them previously. If not, and you are curious, then I would highly recommend you go and give them a listen.

1. N.N.N
2. Love
3. Karma Ya Dig!?
4. Me.TV
5. Body & Soul
6. Youthman
7. Riches
8. Tunnel Vision
10. Gutters
11. Trance
12. Power Drunk

They’re also currently doing a limited date record store run so catch them if you can!

Written by Tony McNab

Edited by Ely King

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