Crown The Empire ‘Sudden Sky’ Review

Crown the Empire have a new album dropping TOMORROW titled ‘Sudden Sky’.

The album is available for pre-order here and will drop via Rise Records.

If you want a taste for what is to come, the band have released the animated video for their single “MZRY.” as well as the music video for the title track ‘Sudden Sky’ watch both below!

“what i am”
“BLURRY (out of place)”
“Red Pills”
“Under the Skin”
“March of the Ignorant”
“Sudden Sky”


The album opens with (X) a monumental speech heavy track serving as an introduction to the album, its reminiscent of the ‘call to arms (act i)’ from The Resistance album. The speech within the track is relatable to many, with lines such as ‘what am I afraid of? The unknown? Things out of my control?’I might be gone tomorrow, and so might you‘ and ‘instead I found I was limiting what I actually knew about myself‘. These thought provoking questions and statements are what Crown The Empire are known for with previous albums, they are not slowing down or stopping any time soon.

20/20 is a quintessential Crown The Empire track, opening with strong vocals from vocalist Andy Leo, a strong drumbeat and underlying guitar, slowly building before the instrumental completely blindsides you. This track is the perfect mix of hard and soft vocals, giving the fans opportunities to scream their lungs out, with vocal only sections sporting lyrics such as ‘I can feel it, the wires in my life, I can feel it, the moments passing by‘ before heavy breakdowns where pits will inevitably go crazy and, I for one, can’t wait to see the crowds reaction.

Something I always associate with Crown The Empire are the strong drum beats, so powerful to the point where you can feel it in your chest as if it were your own heartbeat. What I Am certainly reinforces that association for me, the musicianship in this song is monumental. Again, they hit with the relatable lyrics such as ‘the pressure is rising I feel it inside me’ and ‘what am I supposed to do’ to name a few.

BLURRY (Out of place), starts off with Leo’s vocals with a rhythym in the background that oddly reminds me of David Guetta’s Titanium. Though the lyrics wouldn’t be more different than the pop anthem. Once again, the song seems like it could apply to everyone in different capacities, it’s one of those songs you can make fit your own narrative which is key to successful music these days. Lyrics such as ‘bend and break to see through the lies is easier than to say goodbye’ couple be applied to a myriad of situations. The chorus is key for me, leading with the lyrics ‘why do I still feel so lost, why do I still feel out of place‘ which will resonate with every single person in that venue when performed live, whether they are teens or adults, it’s such a strong emotional narrative that people can apply to themselves. Follow that with the repetitive chant-like vocals asking ‘why do I?’ leaving the audience to answer it themselves. I can imagine crowds of thousands screaming and chanting that chorus like their life depends on it, throwing all of their emotion into it, I really hope to see this song on the set list for tour, it’s a personal favourite of mine off of the album.

Red Pills is another track that starts off slow, however this one slowly builds rhythmically instead of a sudden downpour of instruments. To me, this song is very deep, alluding to substance/medication abuse and possibly attempted suicide and/or overcoming suicidal thoughts. I have come to this conclusion with lyrics such as ‘medicate to fill my soul, it’s hard to stop when you’re alone’ insinuating substance abuse and ‘I had to pull the plug to change the ending‘ referencing pulling the plug on plans or decisions (ie. Not taking their life). Leo then seems to take control, ‘I will stand up in the flames when I fall from grace’ and ‘never again’ showing that he will confront his fears and feelings head on and fight them, determined to push through the hard times. The song ends with repetition of the phrase “this won’t be the end” a phrase I can imagine sticking in listeners minds, hopefully motivating them through any struggles them may be going through.

Following such an emotionally heavy song such as Red Pills, MZRY seems to be a literal continuation from Red Pills, as if it’s the same train of thought. This can be assumed due to the repetition of the lyric ‘I didn’t wanna wakeup’ at the beginning. As predicted, this song is another heavy hitter ‘running from the worst of me‘ being another notable lyric possibly linking it with the previous song. The track ends with another repetitive phrase though this time its a question ‘will they Bury me?’ as if questioning if its the end or not. The song ends with the statement of ‘they won’t Bury me now’ as an act of defiance against their feelings.

One of our other writers Sarah, chose to help review the rest of the album, starting with Under The Skin. Keep reading to see her and my combined7 review:

Under the skin is the seventh track on the album and has a different sound to many others. The slight distortion to the drums for the intro gives a sense that this song will be different to previous tracks on the album. Under The Skin has hard hitting instrumentals and melodic vocals which, when combined, make this one of the most powerful tracks on the album. Aside from the introductory track (X), this is the shortest track on the album but, unlike others, it features an outro, making listeners feel like they have had a complete listening experience on this track.

With SEQU3NCE we are back to the heavier sounding music. You can instantly get a feel of vibe of this track from the heavy instrumental intro. One of the best parts to this track is when the clean vocals have rough vocals layered underneath, blending both of the vocal styles seamlessly. This track is definitely intended for the listeners that are more interested in the heavier sections of their repertoire.

March of the Ignorant is the ninth, and penultimate track on the album and it is instantly recognisable from the first few bars that it will have a different experience to it than that the previous track. March of the Ignorant is one of the more clean tracks on the album with there not being many heavier or distorted sections within it. The track also serves as a breather from the much heavier previous track. I can imagine when played lived it can be the sound that the fans can catch their breath during. This track seems as though the band were experimenting with sounds and styles during the creation of this track as its core sound isn’t similar to much of the other material on the album.

Sudden Sky is the tenth, title and final track on the album and it certainly ends in style. The sound for this concluding track is similar to that of the stereotypical sound associated with Crown The Empire. This single is an iconic fusion of clean, heavy and distorted vocals and instrumentation that flow seamlessly to create a powerful conclusion to the album. The instrumental outro seems like the ending to a story, giving off the perfect close to the album.

Overall, I, Ely, and Sarah believe Sudden Sky is a great addition to Crown The Empire’s porfolio and is a must for any Crown The Empire Fan. Crown The Empire are a band that constantly continue to impress me and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Crown the Empire will hit the road with Attila, Veil of Maya, and Gideon in the US this Summer.

Stay tuned for UK news.

Written by: Ely King/Sarah Ellen

Edited by: Ely King

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