Lil Wayne reportedly QUITS Blink 182 Tour after less than two weeks on the road


It has been reported that rapper Lil Wayne has apparently ‘quit’ his support slot on the current US Blink 182 Tour after walking off four songs in to his hour allocated set at the most recent show. Nothing has been officially released, however there has been a social media backlash, and fans at the show in question presume that last night was his final straw. The initial news that Lil Wayne was on the tour in the first place raised many eye brows, and it has been suggested that the rapper himself is not feeling the demographic of the crowd.


Over here at Crowdsurf, we are open to whatever my happen in terms of obscene support acts, so when we found out Lil Wayne was on the tour in the first place, we definitely took the news with a pinch of salt. Unfortunately, it hasn’t seemed to work out, but hey, at least Blink are out on a tour, right?!


Let us know what you think about the whole situation in the comments!


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