Frank Iero and the Future Violents ‘Barriers’ Review

Frank Iero’s current venture, titled Frank Iero and the Future Violents are set to hit the UK later this year playing the iconic 2000 Trees Festival, find tickets here.

But before that, their debut album ‘Barriers’ is released on 31st May!

Frank Iero and the Future Violents are the third version of Frank Iero and The ‘blank’ with prior titles being Frnkiero andthe Cellabration and Frank Iero and the Patience – the former having released one album and the latter releasing an album and an EP.

So far, it seems to be that for every album, Iero needs a new band title.

Although the band name and lineup have changed multiple times, Iero has so far kept his brother-in-law Evan Nestor in the group with him as his right hand man.

The lineup currently consists of Frank Iero (Vocals and Guitar), Evan Nestor (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Tucker Rule (Drums), Kayleigh Goldsworthy (Keys) and Matt Armstrong (Bass).

The ex-My Chemical Romance guitarists’ voice is known for being pretty unique, being much more raw and punk-style than the vocals found in MCR’s body of work. Because of this, his discography is pretty distinct and well known for the unique sound. This album itself is no exception, with the frontman’s eccentric accent being front and centre.

The album was announced with the release of the single ‘Young and Doomed’ where a handwritten lyric sheet was posted to Iero’s instagram and a music video being released shortly after. See them both below:

The song itself is my personal favourite off of the album, purely for the sarcastic and sassy remark from Iero himself. As shown on the lyrics sheet, the song includs the line ‘and I promise that I’m not okay’ with ‘Triggered?’ Written beside it, eluding to MCR’s smash hit ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’. In the single itself, Iero has the audacity to follow that line with an utterance of ‘Oh wait, that’s the other guy’ hinting to Gerard Way. This section of the song set fans all over the world into a frenzy, and in my opinion, the rest of the album will continue to do just that.

See the album art for ‘Barriers’ and the track listing below:

1. A New Day’s Coming

2. Young And Doomed

3. Fever Dream

4. The Host

5. Basement Eyes

6. Ode To Destruction

7. The Unfortunate

8. Moto Pop

9. Medicie Square Garden

10. No Love

11. Police Police

12. Great Party

13. Six Feet Down Under

14. 24K Lush

With a staggering 14 songs this album is truly a masterpiece to behold. With a plethora of genres blended together fluidly by the incredible skills honed by Iero and Co.

The openers and closers of the album were definitely chosen correctly, with both songs behind complete ballads. The closer, 24k Lush, brought tears to my eyes on the first listen, you can hear the emotion and passion spitting from Frank’s mouth as he sings. I can already imagine crowds of thousands singing till their lungs give out like a chorus of troubled souls, and its a string contender for my favourite off of the album.

Notable songs from the album are also Medicine Square Garden and 6 Foot Down Under.

For the former, Iero has never shyed away from the topic medication and being medicated so it’s no surprise to see him pouring that into another passion riddled song, the title pun is always a welcome addition too.

As for the latter, 6 Feet Down Under, I believe that this song corresponds to the crash that his band were involved in in Australia, something Frank is no stranger to talking about, admitting his struggles with health and mentality on Instagram. Lyrics such as ‘I don’t wanna hurt no more’ and ‘I don’t wanna feel like I’m dead, I just wanna live’ are extremely strong lyrics I feel like myself and many others across the globe can relate to and take as their own to create their own meaning. For myself personally, this song is my favourite and given the chance I would definitely get these lyrics tattooed on me like a mantra.

Overall this album is the best album Frank Iero has released from any of his solo works. It truly is an awe-inspiring masterpiece from start to finish and I hope you all purchase it when it is released on May 31st.

I look forward to seeing some UK dates soon hopefully!

Purchase the album here:

Banquet Records:


King’s Road Merch:

Written by Ely King

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