LIVE REVIEW / Can’t Swim, Save Face and Coast to Coast / Newcastle Think Tank / May 4th 2019


Can’t Swim took to the stage last night for the Newcastle date of their current tour, and they were joined by Save Face (New Jersey, USA), and Coast to Coast (Birmingham, UK)! Em was there, and has some photos and words for you from the show! Keep scrolling to see more, and let us know in the comments if you have managed to catch this INSANE line up at a date so far!

‘Coast to Coast are originally from Birmingham in the United Kingdom, and they have IMG_2294worked their way up to become a very respected band amongst the UK Pop Punk scene; and all of us at Crowdsurf are thrilled for them finally getting the recognition they deserve. I first took photos of the lads back in 2016, in a 50 cap venue where they were playing an acoustic show before a support slot at The Key Club on the same night.
Coast to Coast were first to take the stage, only 15 minutes after doors to the venue had actually opened. Despite this, there was a good turn out from customers, and the band were grateful that so many had turned up so early to support ALL of the bands on the lineup.

From the start of the set right to the end, these five lads from Birmingham gave it  EVERY-THING that they had, and this resulted in a great reception from the crowd, which had gradually gotten bigger as the set progressed. Keiran Hyland (the front man) made a joke about how he wanted to keep saying the band name due to the crowd getting bigger, and I think this helped the band gain at least 100 new fans last night.

Moving onto the actual set, the band opened up with ‘Post Graduation’ from their EP ‘The Length of a Smile’ and from the moment they took to the stage to the second they left, each track was filled with raw emotion, musical talent, and heart felt lyrics that a lot of the crowd found themselves IMG_2230unknowingly relating to. The set list had a mix of older tracks as well as newer tracks from the most recent release ‘The World Doesn’t Work’ in order to show the versatility to those who had never checked the guys out before. For me personally, I have known about C2C for a while now, but this was only through press; and last night I actually found myself enjoying their set and feeling like I wanted to know more in terms of relating to their music as an actual fan. Doing my part in terms of buying some of their merchandise was my way of saying ‘thank you’ to the lads for their set, and also saying well done on scoring such a great support slot.

As mentioned, the set went from strength the strength from the very beginning, but it was for me the final two tracks where the band cranked it up, and really gave arguably the best performance I have ever seen from a support act in the many years I have been going to gigs. The two tracks in question were ‘The Sun is Dim’ (EP: ‘The World Doesn’t Work) and ‘Be Kind (EP: ‘The World Doesn’t Work). You know it’s getting real when the IMG_2458mic comes off the stand, and Keiran went back to his routes with his dynamic vocal performance at this point (as you can see in the image to the left). Despite the set only consisting of seven songs, I think the lads in Coast to Coast managed to show the crowd how much of a great band they are, and they are DEFINITELY ones to watch out for in the future.

And next up on the stage was New Jersey’s ‘Save Face’. Their most recent release is their EP ‘Merci’, and this was reflected through their eight song set list. Also focusing on the crowd point of view, a lot of fans seemed to be there for Save Face, as this was their first ever tour in the UK, which was lovely for both the band and their loyal fans. IMG_2470

Opening up their set was ‘Weak’, and from the start they were giving the crowd on hell of a show, and you could tell how happy the guys are when they are performing in front of fellow music lovers. Not only were the band doing an impeccable job musically, but they performed pretty much their full set with big massive smiles on their faces, which is always lovely to see when you are watching a band perform live in front of you. The reception from the front row in particular was amazing, and it just went to show how long overdue a trip to the UK for the lads was.


For me personally, I have never listened to Save Face’s music before, so I don’t feel like I can comment entirely on how I felt their set was. Saying that, I did enjoy their set very much, I just didn’t really know what to expect due to me not really knowing anything about them. I didn’t want this is impact how I found the set however, so I decided to ensure I listened to every track so I could get a feel for what Save Face are about. Needless to say, I did enjoy their set and their performance was good to watch. In the future, I will definitely ensure I am more familiar with a band before I go and see them.

The final song of the set was ‘Bad’ and by the time this track was about toe begin, theIMG_2596 crowd had filled up a lot more, and the room was about 3/4 of the way full. I presumed that the fans who had just walked in were mainly there for Can’t Swim, but needless to say they had a great band playing in front of them before the headline band were set to take the stage. The thing I enjoyed the most about Save Face’s set was the happy vibes coming from their music and their personas. It is always nice to go to a gig and see a band looking pumped about what they are doing, and Save Face ticked all the boxes in that sense for me. Also, they were musically and technically great.


Finally, it was time for Can’t Swim to take the stage, and boy, did they not disappoint. I first heard about these guys over a year ago when I was heading to Galaxy Camp Festival in Germany, and since then, I have kept following them on social media to see what they get up to, and it’s safe to say they’re doing great. Following on from the release of ‘This Too Won’t Pass’, the lads Brough a set list (which was picked by the fans) that had a variety of tracks on it from ALL of their releases, including the new album.

Opening up the show was ‘What Have We Done’ taken from the new album, and it wasIMG_2634 an explosive way to open up their set. From the get go, the crowd was completely enthused with the performance, and it really did make it ten times better to be present for. I have seen Can’t Swim play around four times now, but this time round was definitely the best I’ve seen them. I’m not sure if been their own headline tour, but they really did pull it out the bag for the crowd. Following on from the opening of the set, the band just got stronger and stronger as the set progressed. Having travelled from Leeds for the show, I had forgotten how great Newcastle shows are, and it reminded me of how much fun I had at gigs before I moved for uni. Don’t get me wrong, I love Leeds gigs, but nothing beats the ‘Up North Friendliness’.


Fast forward to half way through the set, Can’t Swim had the crowd hooked at this point, and the show just kept on getting better and better. At this point EVERYONE in the room was more a less involved with the set, and it was amazing to be in such a great atmosphere. The set list also included bangers such as ‘What’s Your Big Idea?’, ‘Come Home’ and ‘Molly’s Desk’, and I genuinely enjoyed every second. The final two tracks of the set were the highlight for me. The tracks were ‘Your Clothes’ and closing with ‘Stranger’, which funnily enough were the first two tracks I heard from Can’t Swim, so I think this was why I enjoyed them more so.

The night was very much so enjoyable, and it was great to see such talent all on the same stage and on the same night. If you haven’t listened to any of the bands featured, I strongly recommend that you do, and do so ASAP’.




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