REVIEW / Set It Off / April 18th 2018 / The Garage, London


Set It Off recently stormed through a complete sell out run of UK dates, and Meg wanted to let you all know how much fun she had at the London date of the tour! There are also some photos for you to look at, and let us know in the comments if you have managed to catch Set It Off at one of the dates!

On the warm Thursday evening it was the last tour date in the UK for; Bearings, Vukovi, and Set It Off, fans gathered up in the garage preparing themselves for a fantastic show.


Once the lights dimmed, Bearings came on. The set was absolutely incredible and they completely filled the whole room with their sound. Everybody cheered them on song after song. So many people were singing and dancing around to their set leaving the boys with nothing but smiles on their faces. The happiness radiated off of them and on to the crowd, getting them even more hyped for the next support, Vukovi, and then the main headline band, Set It Off!


The room erupted with cheers once Vukovi took to the stage! The lead singer, hyped as ever, promised to get the crowd hyped for Set It Off, and she did. There were pits and so many fans singing along, the room was completely filled with excitement and hype thanks to them. After the first 3 songs, Janine, the lead singer, took to the crowd with her mic to sing with and around the fans. The atmosphere was completely brilliant and wild, with non stop dancing.


Soon enough it hit 9:28 PM, it was then announced that it was “2 minutes till midnight”, all of a sudden the venue was so much louder than before. Once it hit 10 seconds everybody was ready for Set It Off to take to the stage and perform their set. Lonely dance, the second single to have been released for their latest album “Midnight” kicked the set off with everybody singing along as loud as they can. The boys smiles just beamed with the amount of love the crowd were giving them.


Soon enough pits were started to some of their old classics, leaving the fans absolutely going wild. As the night continued the announced that they were about to play a medley, consisting of both recent songs such as; ‘No disrespect’ and ‘admit it’. However, what was even more exciting was that this medley consisted of old classics from the duality and cinematic era! Featuring songs like; ‘Dreamcatcher’, ‘Ancient History’, ‘Bleak December’, ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’, ‘Swan Song’, and ‘Forever Stuck In Our Youth’.


The night was soon coming to an end when ‘Midnight Thoughts’ began to play. The crowd chanted for Set It Off to come back on, and they followed through, playing two more absolute classics! Getting the crowd absolutely wild. This band are absolutely amazing live and are worth seeing!

Photos by Meg Arnold

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