I Prevail – New Album ‘Trauma’ REVIEW


I Prevail dropped their new album yesterday, and Tony had a few words to say about it! Keep reading below for the review, and make sure to let us know in the comments if you have listened to ‘Trauma’.

The second album from Michigan Metalcore band ‘I Prevail’ is one that was recorded off the back of vocalist Brian Burkheiser’s vocal injury, which almost resulted in him leaving the band. The lyrical content of the songs covers topics such as anxiety, self-doubt and mental health issues, due to how Burkheiser was feeling whilst suffering his injury.

The album opener ‘Bow Down’ creates anticipation for the rest of the album, with hope that all the tracks will have catchy hooks, energetic verses and melodic vocals. This track is the perfect opener for an album full of lyrics about overcoming personal obstacles and mental health, and introduces listeners to the journey Burkheiser has been on since their debut.

The second track, ‘Paranoid’ cements any curiousity or doubts about the content of the album. The song combines heavy guitars and drums with melodic vocals, and is a great choice as a single to be released alongside the album. The only downside to the track is that it’s very short and leaves listeners wanting more.

Toronto based singer Delaney Jane features on ‘Every Time You Leave’ which is a much slower song with softer vocals, and acts as a break from the first two tracks, before going back in to faster high energy songs ‘Rise Above It’ and single ‘Breaking Down’, the latter has an accompanying music video showing the band living through depression. It would also be impossible to have tracks called ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Hurricane’ if they weren’t energetic – the type of songs you want to hear live so you can join a mosh pit, instead of destroying your bedroom or wherever you are listening to them.

Just as the energy levels are about to explode, listeners are brought back down to Earth by ‘Let Me Be Sad’ which completely sums up the theme of the album. This song really hits home the mental health issues Bruckheiser has been through, and the song will bring out a lot of emotions, especially for anyone who can relate directly to this track, or any of the others on the album.

The album finishes with ‘I Don’t Belong Here’ which is a very strong finisher. Another slow, emotional track, it tells the story of Bruckheiser feeling like he didn’t belong in the band.

Overall this is a very strong second album from a band that has developed high expectations from their fans. The album will be a massive hit for fans who can relate to the lyrical content and mental health issues that Brian Burkheiser has been through, and it shows that even when feeling low, if you can keep fighting you can turn those negative emotions in to something much more positive.

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