REVIEW / Simple Creatures – Strange Love


One of the most recent ‘supergroups’ Simple Creatures released a new single yesterday titles ‘Strange Love’, and Tony wanted to let you know his views about it! Keep scrolling to see what he had to say.

‘Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth’s new musical project has released their first official music video for the song ‘Strange Love’. Whilst this is the second track fans have been able to hear, it is the first official single from the duo, taken from their debut EP ‘Strange Love’ which will be released on March 29th.

The video has a 1970s ‘Psychedelic’ feel to it. – there are lots of colours mixing together, images layered on top of each other to create duplicate, shadow and ghost images, and the use of distorted images to create an “older” feel to the video. This suits the style of music, which is almost a modern take on progressive/psychedelic rock that was prevalent in the 70s. This sound crossed with catchy pop punk lyrics and contagious guitar riffs is exactly the sound Simple Creatures have created. Within the song itself, you can hear synthesisers, guitar and vocal effects, distortion and other techniques used to bring the sound away from the bands Hoppus and Gaskarth are more commonly associated with.

The lyrical content has some similarities to ‘Drug’, in which the listeners are being told about love, but perhaps not in a traditional way. The lyrics could be interpreted in different ways, and thats probably deliberate, as both Hoppus and Gaskarth have said previously that whilst songs they write have meanings to them, they like fans and listeners to find their own meaning and relate to the songs in their own way.

The song is short, about two and half minutes, and it is different to what we are used to from either Hoppus or Gaskarth. There are signs of pop punk within the music, but overall they have come away from the sound they have been associated with for years, and are trying something new. This does mean it might not appeal to all fans of blink-182 or All Time Low, but it might also draw in new listeners who prefer a different sound. With the release of Strange Love and the audio we heard from Drug, it is now obvious the type of sound we can expect from Simple Creatures when their EP is released at the end of next month’.


You can also view the video for said track below:

You digging it? Let us know in the comments if you are!

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