Enter Shikari respond to fans’ response to Palaye Royale

If you’ve been on social media at all recently you’ve most likely heard of the band Palaye Royale. Not always for the best of reasons but press is still press.

For as long as I can remember, this band has been surrounded by drama and problematic accusations and events, however they have equally reached the press for their success and committed fan base, so not all is negative regarding Palaye Royale.

From the beginning they were slandered as a b-rate My Chemical Romance or ‘goth-rock gone-wrong’ but recently it hasn’t been about their music or their looks, many claim the band have bad attitude problems and some have even accused members of inappropriate behaviour with fans.

Like many will remember, they went pretty viral last year for destroying a drum kit that wasn’t theirs to destroy, calling for many bands and companies to refuse to work with them due to their apparent lack of respect.

This leads me to Enter Shikari. Even though all of the drama and bad press lingered around Palaye Royale like a bad smell, they still chose to take them on tour with them, to which many Shikari fans took rather unpleasantly.

Throughout the tour there have been incidents of fans heckling Palaye, leaving the venue, some even putting headphones in during the set to avoid listening to them, however at the show in Southend, there was a particularly rowdy member in the crowd deliberately harming and shoving fans of Palaye Royal and hurling abuse at both the band and their fans, to which the drummer of Palaye Royale promptly confronted him at the end of their set. This then resulted in an out-of-context video being spread around social media to once again slander Palaye Royale and made them out to be awful people.

Now, despite all of this, my best friend adores Palaye Royale and she has seen them live as well as met them and she thinks they’re the best, they were so polite when she met them and they apparently really look after their fans, and for that I cannot fault them.

Don’t like their music? Then don’t listen to it, it’s simple.

There’s no need for incidents like what happened in Southend, and Shikari have finally responded to all of the drama too.

Read Enter Shikari’s statement below:

“Last night in Southend, there was an incident where one member of the audience someone who was – from what we can gather from talking to several people involved – there specifically to cause trouble) who was abusing Palaye Royale with highly offensive language, crushing young fans in the front rows and generally making the early part of the night unpleasant for everyone around him.

At the end of Palaye Royale’s set, their drummer went to the barrier to check on fans and (rightly or wrongly, but, adrenalised by what had happened, maybe understandable) confront the individual, an out-of-context video clip of the proceedings catches part of the exchange, but fails to tell the whole story.

the person in question was taken aside, where he proceeded to threaten security, issue extremely violent threats towards Palaye Royale’s merch person, and then ended with a flourish of a threat to burn the building down as he was escorted from the venue.

it goes without saying that we do not, never have, and never will, condone that sort of behaviour. and we will always endeavour to have it squashed as quickly and quietly as possible.

A lot of you know us and our crew, you can spot our crew by their crew shirts, if you ever see anything of this sort, just mention to one of them and it will be looked into. 

but, something else we cannot condone is the repeated ramping up of abusive behaviour against Palaye Royale and their fans. A very small group of Enter Shikari [fans] have taken it upon themselves to encourage online bullying of Palaye Royale fans, orchestrated verbal abuse of the band at shows, and the specific intent to make Palaye Royale’s set as unpleasant an experience as possible for their fans. We will not tolerate this.

If you plan on disrupting ANY part of the night, then you plan on ruining the WHOLE night (at least for someone), and we won’t stand for someone coming into our house and deliberately trying to cause trouble; a vast majority of the Palaye Royale fans we have engaged with are lovely people, exactly the same as the vast majority of Enter Shikari fans we know or meet along the way. Many of them ARE also Enter Shikari fans. For them to be treated as somehow “other” is pretty much against every aspect of our band’s ethos.

While we acknowledge that online attention is seductive, we ask you to not share / engage with tweets or commentary designed to disrupt or enflame situations (re-tweeting tweets that start with the word “apparently”, when you were not at a specific show or witness to a specific incident, is not helpful to anyone, except those who have an agenda to deliberate disrupt the shows). 

there is no doubt that last night’s incident is an almost direct result of the attempts of a couple of individuals to stir up drama and resentment where none should naturally exist.

We also acknowledge that Palaye Royale aren’t to everyone’s tastes. But Enter Shikari aren’t to everyone’s tastes either, and we went through our own share of this on support tours in our earlier days. Imagine how we would have felt then, had this been happening to us?

It’s a rock show. ‘Rock’ is already treated as a marginal art form, we shouldn’t create division within it.

We maintain that Enter Shikari shows should always be a safe space for anyone who wants to come and enjoy music. We hope that we can now put this all behind us, and move forward positively with what has otherwise been an extremely fun tour’

Thank you”

What do you think? Is it time for people to just accept people have different music tastes and move on, or do you believe this is acceptable behaviour?

Let us know!

Written by Ely King.

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