REVIEW / Not Ur Girlfrenz / New Kids in America

After just finishing up a UK tour with Patent Pending and Bowling For Soup, American all girl band ‘Not Ur Girlfrenz’ seem to have left a lasting impression on music fans over in England. To celebrate this badass trio, Tony had a listen to their most recent EP ‘New Kids in America’ and wanted to let you all know what he thinks of it! Keep reading below to get an insight:

If you haven’t heard of Not Ur Girlfrenz then here is a quick summary: 

 Texan all female three-piece rock band.
 Opened up for Bowling For Soup on a sold out US tour.
 Played a slot on the final cross country American Vans Warped Tour, and being declared by its founder, Kevin Lyman, as “the future of women in rock or just rock in general”.
 Oh, and their average age is 13 years old.

That’s right, Not Ur Girlfrenz consist of sisters Liv and Gigi Haynes, and Maren Alford, who are are 13, 12 and 14 respectfully. This earned them the title of ‘the Youngest Touring band in Warped Tour’s 24 year history’.

You can be forgiven for not realising how young the band are. The music and vocals have a maturity that could be associated with more experienced bands. This is noticeable on the opening track (and single) ‘Warped’. The song is about their time on Warped Tour and the accompanying music video was filmed throughout the tour, including cameos from bands whom shared the stage, including As It Is, Mayday Parade and Waterparks.

Moving on to track two, ‘No One Asked You Anyway’ delivers an important message – don’t let anyone stop you following your dreams and doing something you love. This track has one of the catchiest guitar riffs from the entire EP. The track its self has a slightly different sound and composition to the opening track, but as the band say “we don’t care what you have to say, no one asked you anyway”.

The rest of the EP goes on as it started. There are obvious influences from current pop punk artists – think Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Avril Lavigne, as well as some older rock bands such as Joan Jett and Heart. Also included on the EP is a token slow, emotional track, telling a story of unrequited love, and a song about having fun with your friends – everything that is required on a pop punk EP.

Each track has its own feel and its own sound, and as such there is a variety, which works in the bands favour as they are not cornering themselves in to “what they sound like”, allowing them to be flexible to write and play what they want. The songs are short, catchy, very pop punky and full of energy. The EP tells a story of the journey the band has already been on, and hopefully there will be many more stories for them to tell through music in the future.


1. Warped
2. No One Asked You Anyway
3. New Kids In America
4. Somehow
5. Friends or Memories‘.

If you managed to catch the girls during one of the BFS shows, let us know what you thought about them in the comments!

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