REVIEW / Stand Alone’s ‘Falling, Faster’ EP

After Em spent the night at the EP release show on Friday, Tony wanted to let you all know how much he digs the new material from UK Alternative band ‘Stand Alone’. Keep scrolling down to see some pix from the show, as well as a breakdown of the EP!

The EP starts with ‘Save You’ which acts a good introduction to Stand Alone for those who don’t know the band. Combining heavy rock with melodic vocals, you’ll know if you’re a fan or not within the first minute, and you can understand why the band are being compared to Biffy Clyro and AlterBridge.

The rest of the EP is full of catchy guitar riffs and hooks that will find sticking in your head. Never Stand Alone is the song I found doing this the most, especially the chorus, and the song is proof that the band know how to capture their audience, and keep them listening.

Track three, Repose En Paix has been released as a single, with an accompanying music video. If you are unsure what the rest of the EP will contain, then this song serves as a good taster. 


Just as you think you know what you are getting from Stand Alone, The EP ends with the atmospheric 616 featuring additional guitar from Dave Brons, giving the track a much more “tech” feel.

Overall, Falling, Faster does exactly what you’d expect from a four track EP. It gives listeners a positive experience of the band and will leave you craving more.


1. Save You
2. Never Stand Alone
3. Repose En Paix
4. 616 (feat. Dave Brons)

Let us know in the comments if you have checked out the EP!


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