REVIEW / As It Is / Kentish Town, London / 01.12.2018

In terms of the beginning of advent, surely the only thing better than getting to open the first window on your advent calendar is spending the night at a show, right?! Well this is exactly what Meg was up to on December 1st, and she had a great night at As it Is’ headline show at Kentish Town / London! The night was a resounding success, and if you keep reading, you can get a feel for how good the night was if you weren’t there!

So As It Is released their latest album ‘The Great Depression’ back in August, and have been touring Europe and the UK for the past month, with the support of Courage My Love, Holding Absence, and Trash Boat. I managed to catch them at their biggest headliner in London at the o2 Forum. 

With only being in the venue for 15 minutes the night kicked off with a fantastic performance from a 3 piece band from Canada called Courage My Love. The atmosphere was phenomenal, and the energy from Courage My Love was truly extraordinary, with the crowd throwing the energy right back at them with constant surfing. They are truly a band to see live, they owned the stage and were constantly interacting with the fans that surrounded them. 

Courage My Love left the stage having warmed the crowd up, for Holding Absence to take over and heat up the crowd more. As the Welsh post-hardcore made their appearance on the stage their fans were already going off, despite them starting their set with an unreleased song. The band seemed so genuinely happy, and overwhelmed by the support they were receiving from the crowd. They swapped their songs around playing a heavy song one moment, and a slow song the next, evening out their set. 

Next up was Trash Boat, a post-hardcore/pop punk band from St Albans. Their set consisted mostly of songs from their latest album ‘Crown Shyness’ that was released earlier this year. The crowd and the band were already hyped up from the second they stepped on stage with dozens of crowd surfers going up in an instant. The boys in Trash Boat were so thankful for having As It Is take them back on tour, as they were the first band to ever take them tour back in 2015. During their set it got sweaty pretty quick, with pits opening up during every song. The set concluded with Tobi, the front man, making his way into the crowd during their final song ‘strangers’.

It soon reached 9:45 and As It Is made their way on to the stage where they’d be playing their biggest headline show to date. They kicked their off with songs from ‘The Great Depression’, a concept album based around a story of The Poet who’s battling with Death. Throughout the show the band preached how grateful they were for their fans being there and supporting them and the new album despite it being different from their previous music. They evened out their set with acoustics such as ‘Still Remembering’, and ‘The Question, The Answer’ making the crowd emotional. It was so astonishing to see 2,300 people sing along to the band I’ve watched grow for years .The band recently recruited an unofficial fifth member Ronnie Ish, this was his first Europe/UK tour with the band, everyone showed him nothing but love, and he was so overjoyed with this and was just constantly happy playing long with the boys. 

Overall, the night was a huge success for As It Is, leaving fans in awe at their performance.

 Getting to see so many people after the show exclaim how happy and proud they were was such a joyous moment to witness‘.

Let us know in the comments if you were there!

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