Blink 182 ‘s Mark Hoppus made an amazing discovery; and of course shared it with the internet.

“Looking in an old box I found my notebook from the #blink182 untitled album.” – Mark Hoppus

Bassist and vocalist of Blink 182 Mark Hoppus shared some amazing photos with the internet earlier today, and they are definitely worth a post in our eyes.

If you have a scroll down the page, you can see hand written lyrics for tracks from Blink’s iconic ‘Self Titled’ album; which was released back in 2003.


Said notebook has lasted just over 15 years, and it is quite remarkable to look at if you’re a Blink fan.

Of course, many fans have gone crazy with this, and people are even talking of making posters based off the lyric sheets, pretty cool if you ask me.

Watch this space, because there will probably be things for sale with these lyrics pretty damn soon.

Let us know in the comments your favourite lyric and track from the self titled/untitled album!

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