GALLERY/MINI REVIEW / Knuckle Puck, Tiny Moving Parts and Movements / Leeds Stylus / October 6th 2018


So Saturday just gone, Knuckle Puck played a headline show at Leeds Stylus, and they were joined by Tiny Moving Parts and Movements! Em took some photos for you guys to have a look through, and let us know in the comments if you were also at the Leeds show!


‘Despite it only being the second time the band have played in the UK, they absolutely smashed it, and the response from the fans was crazy to say the least. You rarely see crowdsurfers coming over the barrier for the first band on, but it happened on that night’.

Tiny Moving Parts 

‘Their set was very upbeat and enjoyable. The energy from all the band members was spot on, and once again, an excellent response from the crowd’.

Knuckle Puck

‘Needless to say, Knuckle Puck absolutely smashed it as always. The reception from the crowd was unbelievable, and the constant flow of crowdsurfers made it even better. They also played some older tracks like Fences, as well as a mix from Shapeshifter, Copacetic and previous EPs. An absolutely brilliant show, and a killer line up’.

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