INTERVIEW / Boston Manor / Leeds / 28.09.2018


We had mentioned something regarding something to do with Boston Manor, and here it is; an EXCLUSIVE interview.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Henry (the BM front man) at their sold out Key Club show last Friday, and you can have a read below to see what Henry and Em chatted about. From the new album, to HMV signings, here is an exclusive insight to the band who are working their way to the top.


Em: So the basic question we like to start with, what is your favourite venue to play a show at?

Henry: In the UK?

Em: Yea!

Henry: ERMMMMMMMMMMMMM. That’s a tough one that. Gotta be Electric Ballroom now, that was a wicked show, and the venue is really cool.

Em: Yeah, sick, when was that show for you then?

Henry: It was the second show of this tour, and because we have never played there before that made it even better.

Em: Amazing. And obviously it’s your first run of shows since the release of Welcome To The Neighbourhood. How has it gone down with fans and how are the new songs to play live to a crowd for the first time?

Henry: Unreal yeah. Coz it’s a bit different sonically, so we you know always playing with a bit of a risk there,. But no, it’s gone down really well and the shows have been mental. Everyone already knows all the words and it’s just pretty crazy because it’s only been out a couple of weeks. Erm but nah they’re super fun. Just from jamming em when we were recording them we couldn’t wait to start playing them live so; this has been a really fun tour for that.

Em: It is definitely a big jump from Be Nothing. And that sort of links into my next question. You’ve got fans all around the world who collect every single piece from your discography, and they’re paying like hundreds for these alternative covers {and I had one at one point}. How does it feel that people are going to that extreme?

Henry: It’s nuts yeah. We have some awesome fans and honestly I can never believe it. People come up to me and show pictures of their collections and tattoos, and it’s very humbling. There’s a lad in Detroit actually, who comes to all of our shows every time we are over there. He’s erm. I think now he’s got every release and every variant, including like, little demo CDs we did and all this kind of shit. And honestly he must have paid probably over a grand at this point for all this stuff and it’s. CRAZY. But it’s very humbling.

Em: And yeah obviously you guys are a UK band and he is over in Detroit, so your music it has been spreading, and it’s insane.

*The next section was dedicated to a fan with a Saude tattoo*

Em: With links to that and the alternative covers, you’ve got label mates The Story So Far and Homesafe who brought limiteds covers out also. What do you think of both of their new albums so far?

Henry: To be honest, probably not a great question as I haven’t listened to either of them properly yet!

Em: Ok fair enough! I’ll ask you something else {hahahaha}. So in terms of your older stuff, Driftwood seems to be like a go to track, and it was the first ever BM song that I heard. Is it on the set list still?

Henry: Nah that era is pretty much dead and gone now..

Em: Well I dunno what to say but I guess that’s pretty cool.. [I was low key heartbroken at this point and I think that showed through]. But ermmm, basically the last time I saw you guys was when you supported Lower Than Atlantis, and I just want to know how does it feel now that you’re headlining you own shows and you’re like selling out venues and.. yeah?!

Henry: Yeah it feels great, you know. I think a lot of bands can get very comfortable in the support slot, and you know, its a bit, it can be tough to make that jump to start doing headline shows and stuff. There’s a lot more pressure on you, and you’ve gotta, it’s your job to bring the fans. You know. But, we love it. This tour’s been insane, and we’ve got wicked fans and the turnout has been great. We couldn’t have asked for anything better to be honest with you.

Em: I really do feel like you’s have[……] Obviously you in terms of being a UK Pop Punk Alternative band, is there any advice you could give to similar upcoming bands who want to make it? Obviously you guys started at the bottom and you have worked your way up I guess.

Henry: Just do your own thing, like don’t get too preoccupied with what other bands are doing and don’t worry about everything from merch to erm the support. Just worry about the music and do whatever you think is cool, and there aren’t any rules, literally there’s no rules what so ever, just do whatever the fuck you want. And as long as you think its sick, usually other people, well at least some other people will think you’re sick as well. There’s not like a guideline. Too many bands get caught in that trap and just kind of like ‘well it worked for this band’ so we will do what they’re doing. Just try different stuff and dow whatever excites you.

Em: Yeah, brilliant. And going back to you guys moving up in the music world, you did a run of signings and intimate shows at HMV the other week and you could get a signed WTTN CD for 100,000 Pure HMV points afterwards. [Henry: Woah sick]How does that make you feel? is it quite humbling also?

Henry: It’s cool, yeah it’s great. It’s just summit a bit different that in store stuff so.

Em: And it’s more intimate for the fans right?

Henry: Yeah, but it can be a bit sterile at times you know, like you’re in a shop, literally just like lights and stuff. You know what we’re like live its a bit contrasting but no, it was really good fun and our fans were great, and it was a nice little change of pace really. Just through the week, you know rocking up at mid-afternoon, playing a few songs, you know it’s cool. And it was a good chance for people to hear different versions of the songs as well before we actually went on to start this tour.

Em: It is nice to hear a different version of the songs. You see the likes of The Wonder Years doing acoustic sets and Neck Deep in HMV. And then I found out you lads were in HMV and I was like ‘I don’t mean to swear’ but I was like shit you guys have made it. And now as a music fan, I can only congratulate you. [Henry: Yeah I really appreciate that thank you]. And the new album is an absolute banger, and I just wanted to say that you’re basically rising to the top and your fans are really happy with what you’re coming up with.

Henry: Really, thank you it does mean a lot.

In summary, Henry really is a genuinely great lad, and if you haven’t listened to Welcome To The Neighbourhood yet, you need to get onto that ASAP. If you were at The Key Club show, let us know in the comments how much you enjoyed it!

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