From Boston Manor hip flasks, to State Champs beach towels. Merch Limited provide the goods we didn’t even know we needed.


From time to time, we like to give shoutouts to various organisations that we feel bring that little bit something different to the music industry, and today the spot light is on Merch Limited.


For those unfamiliar, Merch Limited is an American based site that offer limited and exclusive pieces of merch that any fan could only dream of having. We are talking limited screen print vinyl, flags, hoodies, and various other things, just to name a few.


They also offer more unique pieces of merch, including art work blankets, door-mats, camping mugs, and image view finders. This site can be the dream place for fans of the bands whose merch goes up on, and it is a platform that needs to be known about.


The likes of Homesafe, The Story So Far, Seaway, The Story So Far, Counterparts and Every time I Die have had collaborations up on ML, and we are certain that more bands are going to launch products.

You can visit the site for yourself, and you’ll see why we love it so much. 

Let us know in the comments the coolest thing you have from Merch Limited!

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