For our second instalment of upcoming artist of the week, we teamed up with Stencil PR for an exclusive interview with Molly Grue!

‘Molly Grue is a side project of Krista Acheson, an eclectic singer-songwriter and visual artist, currently based in Edmonton, Alberta’. We asked some quick fire questions to the band, and you can read the interview below:

1) What is the best thing about playing your own music live to other music fans?

I think the best thing is being able to have the human interaction that
lets you know if the music means anything to anyone.

2) Crowdsurf Online is based in the UK. Saying that, which fizzy drinks
and ‘candy’ would you recommend most to the UK fans of the publication?

I’m really partial to Twizzlers and an ‘Our Compliments’ brand of
pomegranate flavoured Italian soda… but I’m actually not big on sugary
fizzy drinks. The fizziest drink I’d tend most towards would be beer.

3) If you had to name one band who is a predominant influence to Molly
Grue’s sound, who would it be and why?

I have no clue, honestly. The way I write is: music pops into my head,
out of nowhere, and where I actually don’t listen to a lot of music in
general, it’s likely just a collage of things I’ve heard throughout my
life. It’s not really a conscious process for me-  I don’t sit down an
set out to write songs. I know that sounds completely lazy… like a
song has to basically knit itself together and then insist itself on me
before I’ll set about recording it- but that’s pretty much my process.
So it’s sound is probably reminiscent of everybody yet sounds like
nobody in particular.

4) How and where did you all meet?

I’m kind of on my own- I am mostly just a studio project that hires
various session musicians.

5) Straight up. Favourite album and why?

Pretty much anything by Kate Bush because I consider her a very genuine
artist … you can sense her authenticity when listening to her music.

6) Have you ever played shows outside of your country? If you have, how
was it? And if you haven’t, where would you like to play the most?

I haven’t, no, but if I did I would most like to tour the UK but due to
my crippling fear of flying I’d most likely play down in the US since I
can likely drive to most locations. I’d steel myself to go wherever I felt there was a demand though- regardless of flying.

7) Are you guys the Simpsons or Family Guy kind?

I enjoy both but I slightly favor Family Guy because of its shocking

8) We are all about supporting local bands in the scene. Drop us three
bands local to you that we need to check out.

I don’t feel a part of my local scene quite yet so I’m just going to
pick some friends bands to promote:  The Motorleague (@themotorleague),
Divinity ( @divinitymetal) and Zaum (@Zaumn)

10) And finally, when should we expect new music from Molly Grue?

Soon, hopefully, I’ve been lagging a bit.. and by “a bit” I mean I’m
months behind on Molly Grues’ first EP. My other projects’ EP (Look at
me… I’m Krista D) did a bit better than expected so I was busy trying
to promote that on top of trying to hit some deadlines for a gallery
show; I’m mainly a visual artist.

If I had to guess it’ll be a good month or so before I can wrap it up.
I’d like to believe I could have it done late November but we’ll see.
For updates, I post everything I’m up to, art and music-wise on my
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krista.acheson but when the EP
becomes available it will be at http://www.mollygrue.com


Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for another upcoming artist next week!

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