In light of new The Story so Far music, here’s a MASSIVE throwback..

tssf ep

At the mere age of 15/16, Parker Cannon was probably unaware of what he was about to be in for once his band ‘The Story So Far’ released this first EP back in 2007. The five track self titled EP in my eyes is amazing considering it was the first material to be released by TSSF, and it just kept on getting better from that point. Clearly a group of angst ridden teenagers, the band collated shredding guitar work, raw group chants and all the other elements to create something that would in turn help them make a name for themselves; and good on them.


Above is a comment taken from the ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ Youtube video, and it just goes to show the impression the band had on the scene long before they had even established a name for themselves.

The tracklisting for the EP is as follows:

01 – Intro 

02 – Jud Jud 

03 – Standing Taller

(The one with the ‘intro that sounds kind of like Dumpweed’ according to JohnnnyStorrrm on Youtube)

04 – It’s 20 More Feet and I Can’t Walk It Alone

05 – Don’t Get Me Wrong

If you also haven’t listened to it, click on the image below to be taken to the real MVP in this situation for making the tracks into a one video playlist, Ben Goh..


Is it your first time listening to this EP? Let us know if it is and what you think of it in the comments!

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