‘Glow Up’? Sex Pistol’s Johnny Rotten in 2018

We are talking old school Punk for this one. Punk fans in particular (as well as pretty much every music fan in the world) will be aware of the band ‘Sex Pistols’, as well as the outrageous ways of expressing themselves.


Specifically for this article, we are focusing on former front man of the band, John Lydon; more so better known as ‘Johnny Rotten’.


Johnny was spotted in LAX Airport last Sunday, and there has been an uproar amongst music fans; the Punk scene more so is where this is getting spoke about. The way we see it, is people tend to change over time, and nothing can be done about this. But saying that, the difference between the two photos is astonishing, and Johnny has changed a lot more than your average person.


He seems to be doing okay for himself, despite keeping a relatively low profile. He created a film last year called ‘Public Image is Rotten’, and was consequently spotted at the dedicated premiere back in April 2017. Public Image Ltd is what the film is about, and it is the band that Johnny put together once he was done with the Pistols in 1978.


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