We have teamed up with Stencil PR to bring you some of the best upcoming international Alternative Rock bands the scene has to offer. To start off with, we present to you, Crypitus; a Heavy Metal from Rutland, VT, United States. We asked them a couple questions so we could get to know the band, and you can read the interview below.

How long has Crypitus been a thing? And where did you guys all meet? 

Pete: A little over 2 years now. Doug and I were roommates. We met Zach on Facebook. Joe was a friend of a friend who wanted to play bass for us.

Zach: Crypitus has been a real thing for over 2 years now. I met Doug and Pete via the internet.
Joe: Crypitus has been around about 2 years. I was introduced by a friend.
Doug: We been working on this project for two years.
If you could use three words to describe your music/band to a person who had never listened to your tracks, which three words would they be? 
Pete: Proggy jazz thrash.
Zach: Psychedelic thrash metal.
Joe: Proggy thrash metal.
Doug: Fast Paced psychedelic thrash.
Standard question – if you could pick ANY three bands to tour the world with, who would it be and why?
Pete: Epicenter, An Unction in Braille, and Graviton
Zach: Between the Buried and Me, An Unction in Braille, and Liquid Tension Experiment. I just think it’s be amazing.
Joe: An Unction in Braille.
Doug: Exmortus, Black Absence and Aegri Somnia.
When you aren’t all jamming together as a band, what do you do in your spare time? 
Pete: I work my day job, hike, sleep, read comics, watch movies, play guitar.
Zach: I go fishing. I kill things and I lounge with my lady and all our animals
Joe: Walk around, hang with friends and family.
Doug: Immersed into the wilderness.
 Pineapple on pizza, cool or nah? 
Pete: Not my favorite but it ain’t bad.
Zach: My favorite pizza is pineapple and red onion.
Joe: It’s alright.
Doug: With my eyes closed.
Have you ever been to a show that changed your life? If so which band was playing and why was it so biblical? 
Pete: There was a Holy Grail/Exmortus show that reinvigorated my love of music.
Zach: I got to catch Between the Buried and Me’s 10 year Colors anniversary tour in Philadelphia. I was pudding by the end of the show.
Doug: The first show I caught was uproar with Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour. I met Vinnie Paul that day rip. I’ve been going hard ever since!
7) Dogs or cats?
Pete: Cat-Dogs
Zach: Both. We have 4 dogs and 3 cats at casa Crypitus and I adore them all.
Joe: I like dogs.
Doug: Cats
 What are your preferences when it comes to the gear (instruments, amps etc) you use when playing?
Pete: I like 24.75 scale guitars like Les Pauls or SGs. I have an LTD EC-1000 with an 81/60 EMG set and an Epiphone Prophecy SG with a Gibson Dirty Finger set. I’m using a Tubeworks head into a Peavey 4×12.
Zach: I love my Pearl kit. DW makes some awesome pedals too
Joe: I don’t really have much of a preference I just like whatever sounds good.
Doug: I’ve been using a Peavey MiniValve King, with my Jackson Flying V, stock 93 gibson les paul humbuckers with a special made preamp mod by Goreblaster Electronics!

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