The Story So Far – taking things a little different for the new album

For fans of The Story So Far, they will be aware that the new album ‘Proper Dose’ is due to be released very soon, and several tracks have been released so far to give everyone a taster.

And like most bands, The Story So Far have changed things around a little bit for the new release, and it is something the fans have picked up on straight away.

For the majority, the new sound has gone down well, but some don’t like the contrast between previous releases and this one.

The rawness of ‘Under Soil and Dirt’ has pretty much gone, and the album is more chilled out and mellow, and for us at Crowdsurf, we are digging the new sound.

Many fans have also commented on Parker’s new approach to performing.

The first thing that seems to be mentioned when you link Parker’s live performances and the new sound of the band; is U.K. legends Oasis, and more specifically iconic former front man Liam Gallagher.

Above are some comments from the band’s Facebook page, and this shows the mixed views on the new approach from the band. Personally, we think change is as good as the rest, and we are looking forward to the whole album being out for everyone to hear.

What do you think of the new sound and approach from The Story So Far? Let us know in the comments!

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