REVIEW / Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Mantra’



Declan had a listen to the new Bring Me track, and you can have a read to see what he thought of Mantra.

‘Dropping their first new song since 2015’s That’s The Spirit, Mantra keeps with the same style as it’s predecessor, sound like the product of fusing together the melodies of Happy Song and True Friends but lyrically, it seems to discuss Oli’s time spent in rehab. Although this isn’t the first song to do so, it seems to talk about a different aspect of what it’s like behind closed doors.

The first verse depicts how rehab facilities supposedly brainwash patients into following the 12 step program to getting better (as referenced in Hospital For Souls), replacing their addiction with a form of religion. Oli depicts himself as the cult leader/head of the rehab facility during this portion of the song.

The chorus seems to mock the doctors in the facility, saying they tell you the same thing over and over, so much so that it eventually becomes white noise, going in “one ear and right out the other”.

The second verse focuses more on the rehab process itself, with references to 1 to 1 counseling and a dependence on substance abuse. Oli this time depicting himself as a therapist.

The video for the song is a very BMTH video, in that it’s very weird and intriguing. It tells the story of the cult alluded to in the song. Definitely check it out, although the ending to it for me falls a little flat’.

You can listen to the track HERE and Watch the video HERE


Let us know what you think of the track in the comments!


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