The best lineups – 2018 summed up

Now that the end of the year is nigh, we wanted to showcase some of (in our opinion) the best shows that have happened over the past year around the world. Scroll down to see some of the lineups we feel deserved a shoutout! And let s know in the comments if there’s a tour YOU feel was also incredible from this year.


Impericon’s ‘Never Say Die’ Tour 2018 – Thousand Below, Currents, Polar, Casey, Alaska, Northlane, Being As an Ocean.

Roam’s Intimate UK Tour – Wolf Culture, Milestones, ROAM. 

Homesafe’s first headline tour – Jetty Bones., Heart Attack Man, Hot Mulligan, Homesafe. 


The Front Bottoms UK Headline Tour – Brick + Mortar, The Smith Street Band, The Front Bottoms.

The Wonder Years UK Tour – The Wonder Years (with both an acoustic and electric set), A.W.

Europe festival ‘Galaxy Camp’ 2018 – Stand Atlantic, Woes, Broadside, Can’t Swim, WSTR, Trash Boats, Knuckle Puck, State Champs. 

The Story So Far UK Headline – All Get Out, Citizen, The Story So Far

Basement UK Headline – Ecca Vandal, Joyce Manor, Basement

Blink 182 USA Headline (this was cancelled, but definitely worth a shoutout) – Seaway, American Authors, State Champs, Blink 182.

Man Overboard’s 10 Year Anniversary – Seahaven, Man Overboard

Boston Manor’s Welcome To the Neighbourhood UK Tour – Wall Flower, Drug Church, Microwave, Boston Manor 

Knuckle Puck Live in the UK 2018 – Movements, Tiny Moving Parts, Knuckle Puck. 

State Champs Living Proof UK/EU Tour 2018 – Woes, Stand Atlantic, Seaway, State Champs.

Stick To Your Guns UK Tour – Employed to Serve, Counterparts, Stick To Your Guns 

Bowling For Soup’s ‘Almost Christmas’ UK Tour – Not Ur Girlfrenz, Patent Pending, Bowling For Soup.

Outbreak Festival 2018 – Turnstile, Code Orange, Angel Dust and More. 



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