REVIEW / MxPx Latest Album


MxPx are back! After a successful Kick-starter campaign, album number 10 is out for the fans. In order to celebrate this, Tony had a listen to their most recent self titled album, and you can have a look below to find out what he thought of it!

Finally, after 6 years, MxPx have graced our ears with a new album. The self-titled 10th (if you don’t count their covers and Christmas albums) studio album has everything a band needs to make a good punk rock album: catchy guitar riffs, relateable lyrics and short songs that will have you wanting more.

The album opens up with the 2nd single MxPx released from the album, ‘Rolling Strong’, which has vibes of early 2000s punk rock anthems, with lyrics about playing gigs all week, staying up all night, being tired but not changing a thing about it because it makes the band happy. The opening track also sets a precedent of what’s to come.

After a couple more short catchy tracks, the first single from the album crashes through your ear drums and in to your head (where it will stay for the next few days). ‘Let’s Ride’ is a song about getting through hard times at different stages of life, and how it’s important to keep going and stay positive to reach the other/better side. 

The next few songs are about making the most of life and trying to achieve goals and dreams. The album finishes with ‘Moments Like This’ which is a perfect song to end, and has the potential to be a future single. The song is about being happy in certain moments during life and listeners won’t be able to help relating the song to the finishing of the album, not just in terms of playing, but in terms of a finished product.

Overall, MxPx’s self titled album is a strong punk rock album. There is an obvious lack of presence of a record label, which isn’t a bad thing – listeners can hear that the band wrote and recorded exactly what they wanted, which will be a massive plus for fans of the band. For new listeners, this album has a 2000s punk rock sound, with catchy, up beat and high energy songs, it’s a throwback to MxPx’s early sounds. Was it worth a six year wait? Most definitely’. 


  • Rolling Strong
  • All Of It
  • Friday Tonight
  • Let’s Ride
  • Uptown Streets
  • 20-20 Hindsight
  • The Way We Do
  • Life Goals
  • Pipe Dreams
  • Disaster
  • Moments Like This

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