Eat Defeat – I Think We’ll Be Ok

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The guys in Eat Defeat are some of the most down to earth people you could ever possibly meet, and this is why at Crowdsurf we LOVE covering them. Saying that, we have an EXCLUSIVE review for you all to read of their new upcoming album ‘I Think We’ll Be Ok’, which was released today! Make sure you follow the lads on social media to ensure you don’t miss the release of these tracks.

Before we get into the review, just a little bit of information regarding the release. It is a ten track record, and the tracks are as follows:

  1. A Little Less than OK
  2. Duvet Day
  3. Smile
  4. Nothing’s Wrong
  5. Can’t Say I’ll Miss You
  6. Shortcuts
  7. Running in Place
  8. Scorched Earth 
  9. Self Help (For the Helplessly Selfish)
  10. Not Today, Old Friend 

Let’s go!!

I really dig the art work, period. And, the title of the album is a reference to a banner that the band use every time they play live, which I dig even more. It is illustrative of mental health and overcoming it even on your bad days, and this reassurance is something you don’t often get from bands nowadays, and I really admire Eat Defeat for giving this reassurance to their fans. Also, the overall tone of the album reminds me of one of my all time favourite albums; Blink 182’s Dude Ranch. It differs in the sense that you don’t have disgusting jokes or references to masturbation, but the vibe reminded me of DR, and it made me smile and want to keep listening.

A Little Less thank OK 

To start off with, Summer’s vocal style is something that always stands out to me. His sound for me is spot on, and very illustrative of the Punk Rock genre. He doesn’t slur his words or put on an accent, and this is an element that makes Eat Defeat’s music stand out significantly for me.

Moving on, the opening intro for this track gives me Neck Deep / WSTR vibes, but in a more classy style, and I really dig it. The playing of the instruments from each member clubs together to provide a very refined and slick backing track, and Summer’s vocals finish it off perfectly. The chorus I’ll push myself but I’m going in circles, I’ll try to change but it just isn’t working’ is solid, and it just shows the lyric work from Eat Defeat is well thought out, and always a hit with the listeners. Whilst on the topic of lyrics, the closing line I know we will, we’ll be okay is just the icing on the cake. Eat Defeat are very accepting in terms of mental health, and them holding their hands up and saying that it does get better is one of the main reasons I love this band.

I literally have nothing bad to say about this track, because it clicked with me the first time I listened to it.

Favourite lyrics:

Complacency is a killer you see

Ill push myself but im going in circles, i’ll try to change but it just isn’t working 

I know we will, we’ll be okay

Duvet day

Straight away off the bat, I get Dick lips (Blink 182) vibes, and I absolutely love it. I feel like this track almost being an interlude was a good call, as 41 seconds of sheer Punk is a great separator for tracks one and two.

Favourite lyrics:

Get fucked


So this is the second full track on the album, and the transition between this and Duvet Day is quite slick, and well thought out. This song seems so be some form of a Romeo and Juliet or demolition lovers styled romance song, as there are some genuinely romantic parts to the song, however there are some unsure lyrics that make me believe all is not well in paradise, but that they stick together anyway. The music style is sick, there are some quick angsty drums but there are also dips where I can imagine the crowd screaming the lyrics, definitely a well rounded song as a whole.

Favourite lyrics:

‘Who else could put up with this shit let alone actually enjoy it’

‘I can look into your eyes and I just smile’

Nothing’s Wrong

The opening bass work.

Definitely my favourite track from the album, and it is one of those where no matter how many times you listen, it will never get old. The lyrics also I think are both strong, and heart warming both at the same time. I could totally have this wrong, but I feel like this track is all about personal struggle, and having loved ones around you who try and help you out. I’ve mentioned this before, but I applaud the band for openly expressing that it is okay to get help and it isn’t strange for you to maybe not feel too good in your head from time to time.

Summer’s bass work throughout the track stood out the most to me, and it just goes to show just how much of a difference having a bassist makes in terms of the overall finished track. I also want to give a shoutout to the other guys playing their instruments. Steve (Drums), Jimmy (Guitar) and Rich (Guitar) have all clubbed together with Summers to revive that late 90’s Punk sound style to all of the tracks on this album, and it really should be heard and appreciated by as many people as possible. There are some especially good guitar riffs on this track.

Favourite lyrics:

My eyes are focused on the road, inside my head I feel i’m barely holding on

im helpless, lost and selfish, so talk to me

Im falling apart, I know you can start, to help me to pick up the pieces to put me together I know it seems long but it won’t be forever 

Pick up the pieces and put them together again

Can’t Say I’ll Miss You 

Definitely one of the most chilled and refreshing tracks on the album, despite the themes that can be picked up from both the title of the track, and the lyrics. I feel like it is a very relatable track, and this is why I like it so much. To me, it also defines what it’s like to grow up, and when you experience your first ‘heartbreak’ if you like. I feel like this song can also potentially be a follow up from ‘Smile’ or maybe the subject of ‘Smile’ is who helped them get over the person in ‘Can’t Say I’ll Miss You’. The instrumentation in this track is effortlessly insane, though it’s a relatively slow paced song compared to others, it’s certainly not lacking quality, and some of the drum work in this song is so smooth and flawless yet still so intricate, definitely a highlight of this album for me.

Favourite lyrics:

So ill go first, it could be worse

We grown apart, we weren’t that close from the start


That drumming at the beginning is so amazing stand-alone but also flows so well into the pace of the track. This takes me back to old school Eat Defeat, with that sheer Punk and gnarly sound that they had back in the day; and I LOVE IT. This song is a real ‘feel good’ song, showing that you don’t have to be the best or the fastest, and that taking ‘Shortcuts’ isn’t always the best way to go, and that taking the long way almost. Always has the best scenery. It kind of goes back to the old tale of the rabbit and the hare which is always fun to reminisce on.

Favourite lyrics:

If I knew what I knew now I’d do it again

Be lost and never found

‘Just know I’m happy and I’m doing what I wanted do’

‘You’re taking shortcuts and missing out on everything’

Running in place

This song is another one of those punk-style songs that reminds me of classics like a Green Day’s Basket Case with the consistent fast paced drums and guitar throughout the track. This song itself is going to be another song that resonates with so many fans and I could easily see it being added onto playlists all over. Everyone has felt out of place at some point in their lives and this song gets it all down to a T. With the isolated vocals if ‘I guess I’ll just pack my things and go’ I can imagine thousands screaming it at a concert, and being a soundtrack over an emotional music video, it’s Ely’s favourite off of the album.

Favourite lyrics:

I’m burning bridges that I could mend 

Another house I couldn’t call home

Scorched Earth

I know we sound like a broken record by now, but this song again truly is another relatable track, definitely the ballad of the album though really. This song seems to be the point where someone hits the wall and has had enough, they’re struggling and have decided enough is enough, and follows that rollercoaster of emotions that ensues. There’s a repeating guitar and bass riff in this song that is so catchy and I can imagine it being stuck in my head for days, and that’s always a sign of good composition when you can’t get it out of your head.

Favourite lyrics:

‘It’s hard to shake the feeling I should be somewhere else doing something new’

‘I’m stuck, it’s just my luck’

Self Help (For the helplessly selfish) 

Steve’s opening drum work is complemented hand in hand with rest of the instrument work, and this continues until the end of the track. Consistent and all at a VERY high standard, another factor I give merit to Eat Defeat for managing to nail with every track.

I love that whole thing with Summers and Jimmy doing almost ‘group chant’ vocals together, and it is also great when the band play live and they do it; both absolute lads if you ask me.

With this track and the rest of the album, I get massive pre self titled Blink 182 vibes, and I have absolutely no problem with this at all.

Favourite lyrics:

When we put our lives on hold, our dreams can fade

So here we are, we’ve come this far

Not today, old friend 

Definitely the perfect track choice to close the album. So uplifting, motivating, and a song that generally promotes a postive outlook on life. The instrument work isn’t too heavy, and it doesn’t clash with the vocals as a result, and this is something that I am digging deep to comment on, but Eat Defeat have nailed it once again. Closing with the ‘I think we’ll be okay’ is a great way to not only end a track, but also a good link to previous actions of the band, including their iconic show banner:


Favourite lyrics:

Because I’m great, and you’re such a state

It’s alright to not be alright

To summarise, I absolutely love this release, and I applaud the lads for working hard to come up with it. This band are going to blow up, and I am proud to say that we have covered the band from near the start. Eat Defeat, Crowdsurf have your backs, forever and alway, remember us when you’re famous lads.

Keep your eyes peeled for the streaming of the album, and let us know what you think when you have listened to it!

FFO – Blink 182, NOFX, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day

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