BAND OF THE WEEK/ Jimmy Eat World


We wanted to do something a little bit different over here at Crowdsurf, and now we will be posting about a different band every week; for those who are maybe unfamiliar with them! For the first week, we have picked out Jimmy Eat World.

For anyone who maybe (somehow) doesn’t know this band, they are best known for their track ‘The Middle’, and they have many other banging tracks as well as this anthem. They have been around for a while now, but that doesn’t stop music fans from loving them. They recently played on the main stage at Slamdunk Festival, and they are set to go out on tour with Frank Turner in 2019.

We have picked out our top five favourite tracks from Jimmy, and you can maybe check them out if you haven’t heard them:

  1. Sweetness 
  2. Hear You Me 
  3. My Sundown 
  4. Nothing Wrong
  5. For Me This is Heaven

We will be covering a different band every week, and we hope you find some new music to jam to.

Let us know your favourite Jimmy Eat World tracks in the comments!!

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