Introducing: Elliot Lee

With our magazine being relatively new and on the rise, we’ve decided to support up-and-coming artists too! These artists we intend to follow from the beginning and throughout their whole journey.

The first artist we have chosen to follow is Elliot Lee. Elliot is an amazing alternative-pop artist with an inspiring pastel style like no other. I have followed her personally through her facebook and watched her go from extremely aesthetically pleasing selfies, to covers on facebook, then performing in New York and being invited to LA, even the release of two of her own singles officially! She’s definitely on the rise and we wanted to catch her on that ascent.

Elliot’s musical style is almost eerily sweet, definitely for fans of artists like Melanie Martinez (without the controversy) and Twenty One Pilots, with her hauntingly soft voice yet deep personally poetic vocals. Her singing tugs on your heartstrings, allowing her to play your emotions like a puppeteer.

To go with her jaw-droppingly stunning visual style, it’s only fair she has matching merch to go with it, and she certainly does. Here’s and example below and feel free to buy it here!

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 15.16.24

The singles she has out at the moment tilted ‘Earthworms’ and ‘SRY ILY’ are available on Spotify and Apple music and I would strongly recommend purchasing them. I personally adore them. Listen to Earthworms below and let us know what you think:


Make sure to follow her on her social media to catch behind the scenes and demo tracks before they’re released!

Facebook: Elliot Lee
Catch her sound cloud below too:


Written by Ely King

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