Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ set for chart rise in time for Donald Trump’s arrival to the UK


One thing that should be known, us Brits like to stick together. Saying that, we (the British public) have excelled ourselves, and an online campaign has been set to commemorate Donald Trump, who is set to visit the country this Friday. I’m going to say this is more of a passive aggressive form of commemoration, but the iconic leader is in the minds of the English none the less.


The classic Greenday track ‘American Idiot’ is climbing the British music charts as we speak. And this, ladies and gentleman, is the way we feel is best to show our ‘appreciation’ for the American leader.

The track, despite coming out back in 2004, is currently number 18 in the UK charts, and the efforts to get it to the top are still going strong. Greenday are iconic for being ‘political’ and are seen as controversial for their views, so I think the lads will be more than delighted if their track gets the top spot.


You can check out the ‘Official Campaign Facebook Page‘ to find out how you can do your bit for this musical protest, and let us know in the comments if you have taken one for the team and helped out.



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