Twenty One Pilots Masterpost

As you may have seen in our previous post, Twenty One Pilots’ emails are now active again.

Many fans and accounts are finding out new bits and pieces through the good ole Dema website that’s fuelled many theories over the past few month.

With all these new ideas and hints we have created this masterpost to keep you all updated as it unfolds!

First off, Ely screen recorded her phone and zoomed in on the email to show the visuals within the eye which appear to be a closeup of Josh’s eye and a shadowy figure, perhaps meaning a new video could be in the works?

Next, one twitter apparently found the image below on the dema site and it’s rumoured to be the colouring and style of their next era.

Many have linked the colour yellow to the sun, and their iconic line ‘the sun will rise and we will try again’. Which is extremely fitting since they’ve literally been in the dark for the past year. It might be all heresay but it certainly makes sense!

Keep checking back for more updates!

9th July;

Billboards are appearing all over the US with what appears to be the new logo! Looks like it’s getting closer to the end of the hiatus!

9 July –

Twitter is in a frenzy! They’ve just released another video including audio too.

Their whole social media has been rebranded! This is no longer rumours! They’re back!

Radio stations are talking about an upcoming song?

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