Panic! At The Disco ‘Pray For The Wicked’ Review!

Those who have been on social media at any point in the past few months may have noticed that Panic! At The Disco recently released their new album ‘Pray For The Wicked’ and it’s certainly been an interesting journey. From mailing out Holy Water and potatoes to fans, to posters and billboards popping up all over the US, it’s been both incredibly cryptic yet an extremely rewarding journey to have yet another masterpiece from the legend that is Brendon Urie. Whether you preferred the complete line-up (I’m looking at you Ryan and Jon) or if you were more fond of Dallon Weekes as part of the lineup, you can’t deny that none of it would be the same without Brendon Urie as the head of this ship. Brendon’s unique vocals and incredible talent are what made Panic! so recognisable and successful back during Pretty Odd. and they are what continue to spearhead him through the music scene to this day, with his range only improving to the point he can flawlessly cover Bohemian Rhapsody live. Taking all of this in mind, it’s definitely no surprise that this album is yet another banger.

As usual, this album is yet another development of his musical style, with many describing it as a mix of ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ and ‘Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die’ with essences of older Panic! mixed in, and it all makes sense to me. This album definitely has Brendon experimenting so much more with the ‘crooner’ side of his vocals, as well as really taking his love for Frank Sinatra in hand, yet elevating those influences to his own style. Unlike Death Of A Bachelor the song, the songs on this album are more influenced by, and not carbon copies of the older songs by the likes of the Rat Pack; you could imagine Sinatra himself singing DOAB, and although you can see his influences in ‘Roaring 20’s’ and ‘Dying In LA’ they’re not so influenced that you can imagine himself singing them, these songs are undeniably designed for Brendon’s Vocal style (even though Brendon can probably sing anything).

The album has proved everyone’s expectations and hit Number 1 and subsequently Brendon Urie celebrated with giant gold balloons, champagne and a cake. Classic.


The album itself is nothing short of amazing, it’s the perfect mix of upbeat dancing songs, ballads and of course the token slow song. This album allows Brendon to full show off his vocal range casually throughout the songs without showboating and shoving it all into one song. Bangers like ‘(Fuck A) Silver Lining’ and ‘High Hopes’ are the upbeat songs everyone expects and loves from Panic! At The Disco, as are ‘Hey Look, Ma, I Made It’, ‘Dancing’s Not A Crime’ ‘One Of The Drunks’ ‘The Overpass’ and ‘Old Fashioned’. The stand out songs on the album are of course the main single ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ ‘King Of The Clouds’ ‘Roaring 20’s’ and ‘Dying In LA’.

For ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ it will always stand out as it was the first look we had as to what the album would sound like, as well as it being the final instalment of the music video trilogy that includes ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ and ‘This Is Gospel’, that and the music video itself is a masterpiece with the storyline and incredible visuals; not to mention that iconic high note that blew me away when I first listened to it.

‘King Of The Clouds’ is another stand alone song on the album and for me, it’s once again the vocals, they’re just so soothing and sultry and it’s definitely a song I love to sing along to at the top of my lungs and annoy my neighbours. Half the battle with a lot of songs is the ‘sing-ability’ of them, as many people don’t find joy in songs they can’t sing along to (even badly) and I have to agree on that front, I certainly get a sense of joy singing ‘I’m King Of The Clouds’ in my bedroom. This song is a prime example of one of those songs that he subtly shows his vocals off in, and he saves them for the end mostly, meaning it doesn’t hinder your ability to have a good bop along to the track.

‘Roaring 20’s’ has to be the black sheep of the album to me, for the first many listens, I really wasn’t fond of this song, it was just too much of a throwback to the old swinging style with the brass instruments and overall style of the song. However, it has certainly grown on me and it definitely in my top 5 off of the album now.

The token slow piano song of this album is ‘Dying In LA’ and it’s a bittersweet yet uplifting song that will impact you in different was depending on what circumstances you are in and what you’ve been through in your life, however I challenge you to listen to this and not get some form of emotional and visceral reaction to it. The track is just so simply stunning and beautiful, and it matches the image below perfectly. Could I have imagined this song ten years ago coming from P!ATD? No. But am I glad we got it? Definitely.


What are your opinions on the album? Let us know!


Written by Ely King

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